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3 Daily Habits That Will Change Your Life

In today's video, I review the 3 daily habits that you should be doing to set your day up for maximum success and productivity.

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#AlphaDad to 5 kids (all with the same woman, because you have to say that these days), Chris Lopez is a strength coach and lifestyle entrepreneur. Focused on living a simple life, Chris & his wife uprooted their family from the city of Toronto, Canada and now live in a small beach town on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica.

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  1. Jude Jude

    Thanks Chris, for reiterating how simple it can be to begin a day in a positive frame of mind and body. 3 habits that cost nothing or mere pennies that everyone can do (walking might be out for some with physical limitations, temporary or long term). You an inspiration to live a full and appreciative life. Like your posts.

    • Chris Lopez Chris Lopez

      Thanks so much, Jude! I appreciate the comment and recognition. You make a great point, it doesn’t take much (from a money perspective) to live a meaningful life. I look forward to connecting with you more in the future.

  2. Jean-Paul Jean-Paul

    I am 13.4 pounds away from my graduation weight of 150 pounds in Boston, Ma June 20, 1981. My goal is to get to 8% body FAT this year to see my 6 PACKS.

    • Chris Lopez Chris Lopez

      That’s a great goal, Jean-Paul. Let me know how I can help. Those last 5-7lbs require the most discipline, so reach out if you need any help.

  3. Nick Boshco Nick Boshco

    Does this mean when you walk to the gym in the morning you do a fasted workout?

    • Chris Lopez Chris Lopez

      Hi Nick – Correct. I am fasted when I train. I’ve been training in a fasted state for many years now, but only recently in the morning. I usually don’t eat my first meal until 11 or 12noon.

  4. Bill Bill

    Interesting! I do fasted workouts too, but I thought you had to eat, especially protein within an hour of your workout or your body would eat your muscle. Guess I have some more to learn. How do you prevent this?

    I do my morning walk around the complex at work, before work and after my gym workout. I go for the same walk at noon after I eat. The weighted vest is a great idea. How much weight do you carry (did you say 50 pounds?) and what brand of vest do you use? Maybe I should wear it all day when I am sitting at my desk.

    Enjoying the shoulder mobility stuff, but old shoulder surgeries and rotator cuff injuries slow me down a bit. I am pretty beat up at 70 years old.

    • Chris Lopez Chris Lopez

      Hi Bill – When I was younger I used to subscribe to the catabolic myth, but this study – – has debunked the whole “1-2 hour post-workout anabolic window” thing. The truth is, just as everything, you must have a big picture outlook. It’s not about the amount of protein you consume post-workout as it is about the total protein you consume throughout the week.

      I use an “Extreme Monkey” 50lb weighted vest for my morning walks, BUT, up until about 3 months ago I was using my GoRuck GR1 with 50lbs of kettlebells in it. It really doesn’t matter as long as you put the work in.

      Great questions!


  5. JR JR

    “It’s not like Minnesota cold…”

    You’ve got that right!! Try -26C here last week.

    Costa Rica is sounding REALLY nice right now.

    • Chris Lopez Chris Lopez

      Oh Jerry, you have no idea how forward I’m looking to Costa Rica. I’ll be thinking of you. 🙂

  6. Crystal Crystal

    I just got my weighted vest last week. I started off with 10 lbs but this week I bumped it up to 15… And let me tell you I feel the difference. But I’m hoping that this weighted vest walking makes a huge difference in over all fat loss. I was 358 at my heaviest. I got serious about getting healthy last year around thanksgiving. I’m currently at 262. My progress pictures are amazing! Thanks for the videos and the emails. There is always something new to learn.

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