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Big Shoes To Fill

So this week, I'm flying solo.

Every morning I'm up at 4:30am getting my work done before I take on homeschooling duties with the kids.

My wife Rozanne is away at a women's-only yoga retreat with some ladies that she's never met.

She has NEVER been away alone for more than a couple of nights without a child (or without me) in the 6 years she's been a mother of 5.

And to do it while at a yoga retreat – a hobby she only took up a year ago – with a bunch of strangers is completely pushing her edge.

I'm really proud of her.

Not only because she is constantly taking herself out of her comfort zone…

…But because she's doing it while my 4 daughters witness her do it.

As a parent I know that you can tell your kids something until you're blue in the face…

…But it's not until you, yourself, MODEL THE BEHAVIOUR that it will actually have the potential to stick.

So from doing yoga…

To conquering her fear of heights by taking up rock climbing…

To overcoming her apprehension of being in open water by going surfing with me in California…

My beautiful wife is a LIVING EXAMPLE of the type of woman I hope my daughters will aspire to be when they get older…



And constantly growing, evolving and pushing their edge.

I obviously don't expect my girls to be exactly like my wife when they grow up.

I can only hope that they see her pushing her limits and coming out stronger and better for it each and every time and having the confidence to do the same.

I hope they see that with what we're doing here in Costa Rica in our own family life…

  • Leaving the Western Lifestyle of consumption behind
  • Living with less
  • Valuing experiences over possessions
  • And making friends and connecting with people wherever we go

…and incorporating that same joie de vivre in their lives in a few years.

I love the example that we're setting for our kids.

And a lot of that is spearheaded by my beautiful wife.

So even though I miss her dearly and can't wait to see her in 6 days, I know that what she's doing – the example she's setting – is making a positive impression on my girls.

She's taking care of herself, after spending the most part of 17 years taking care of all of us.

And for that, we're all grateful.


#AlphaDad to 5 kids (all with the same woman, because you have to say that these days), Chris Lopez is a strength coach and lifestyle entrepreneur. Focused on living a simple life, Chris & his wife uprooted their family from the city of Toronto, Canada and now live in a small beach town on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica.

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  1. Hi Chris,

    beautiful article. For your wife, children and all others who want to learn about responsibility and life.

    Very inspiring!


    • Chris Lopez Chris Lopez

      thanks so much, Sebastian. I appreciate the acknowledgement and kind words.

  2. Frank Frank

    Thank you for this Chris, wonderful words

    • Chris Lopez Chris Lopez

      Thanks, Frank. Hope you, Nancy and the family are great!

  3. It was such a blessing to have your wife on the retreat and to meet your family! I watched Rozanne blossom and grow in such amazing ways and she was so open throughout the whole process. You’ve pointed out how strong and capable and fearless she is, all things I’ve witnessed, she is most def a badass! Though I also saw another side of her, a beautiful soft feminine side that we as strong women often forget about or even reject. I saw her dance with her whole heart unafraid of her sensuality. I saw her bond with other women like a wise woman of a tribe. I saw her surrender and be completely open to receiving the transformative energy of her own inner fire. She is truly divine in her strength AND in her softness 🙂 You’ve got some beautiful girls too xo

    • Chris Lopez Chris Lopez

      hey Camille – It was great meeting and sharing a meal with you as well! Rozanne had an amazing time and came back energized and truly fulfilled. So true what you said about embracing and celebrating her feminine side – a side that this country (and probably the jungle 🙂 brings out of her. Thank you so much for having a positive influence on her. She’s even more amazing now.
      p.s. Oh, I know about the dancing already 😉

  4. Hi Chris ,

    Well done sir! I truly enjoyed this post. I’ve read this back when you wrote it but never commented. The reason I am commenting now is because .. You sort of made me and my wife really start contemplating and maybe actually planning a “gateway” for a couple of months for the same reason you and your wife took the kids to Costa Rica. I am originally from Romania but now live in Wisconsin. I ve always wanted to live for a few months in a tropical climate… I know … Funny … Ended up in Wisconsin …. Long story . Anyway…. Been following your journey and posts through Instagram ( @fiitdads is the account that my old college roommate and myself put together to inspire and motivate dads to get healthy for their families) and I was hoping that I could ask you a few questions about the place that you guys stayed in Costa Rica . Do you have an email address that I could reach you at?
    Thank you much for your time and for being a great Dad and role model !!!


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