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Learn How To Take Your Unique Coaching Expertise Online And Create a Second Income Stream

Stop trading dollars-for-hours and learn how to leverage your expertise as an Original Strength Coach by taking your skills online and developing a stream of income that can have you working on your own schedule...

...And On Your Own Terms

Dear Fellow Original Strength Coach -

As Original Strength coaches, we have access and expertise to a unique system that helps people move and function better in their lives.

WE have the answer that many people who are immobile, deconditioned and in pain are looking for.

Therefore it's OUR DUTY as a professionals to get the message of better movement, restoration and a better quality of life to as many people as possible...

...and sometimes, that just isn't possible in a one-on-one environment.

Hi, I'm Chris...

We may have met before, but if we haven't, my name is Chris Lopez.

(That's me with my wife Rozanne with our 5 kids - AJ (age 18), Joey (age 13), Frankie (age 11), Mikey (age 9) and Q (our son, age 7))

I'm an OS Instructor and a Level II SFG and I've been in the fitness industry for almost 20 years.

More importantly though...

I'm a husband and a father and my fitness website and online training businesses have allowed me to support my family as the sole bread-winner for 8 years now.

(my wife stays home and we homeschool our kids)

It wasn't always like that though...

Much like you, I started as a one-on-one coach trading dollars-for-hours for my services and expertise.

Back in 2007 when we "only" had 3 kids (and one on the way), I was seeing 8-10 clients per day all over the city travelling from studio to studio, gym to gym.

The pay was great and I was one of the most "in demand" coaches in Toronto (my hometown)...

...but I was tired, burnt out and was basically an absentee father and husband.

After a long day of work, I would come home impatient just wanting to collapse on the couch and "decompress".

As the father of a young family - my daughters were only 9, 4 & 2 years old AND my wife was pregnant with our 4th - I found it hard to find the energy to pick up my share of the parenting load and be there as a father and husband.

You can only imagine what kind of a strain that put on my family life...

...on my marriage

...on how my young daughters saw me and the example of a "man" that I was setting for them.

Don't get me wrong, I was making money...

...I was "successful" as a coach and was "providing" for my family.

But I found that as successful as I was a a coach, I wasn't spending the kind of quality time with my family as I wanted.

I wasn't as successful as I wanted to be as a family man.

My kids were growing up quick and more than wanting to be able to provide for them monetarily...

...I wanted to be a PRESENT father.

I wanted BOTH - Business AND Family Success.

Then something happened...

While I was working at a swanky fitness studio in Toronto, I made friends with another trainer who also had a 5:30am client.

We started chatting and trading training ideas.

Every morning for a good part of a year we would see each other, ride the subway to and from different studios together and built a friendship.

Over this time, this trainer - who also wrote articles for an international fitness publication (Men's Health) - was seeing some success by selling training programs and coaching on his "blogspot" website.

And before I even realized, I started seeing less and less of him.

I started being the only trainer doing the 5:30am shift.

I started riding the subway by myself wondering where my buddy was.

So I called my friend up and asked him if he just working somewhere else.

"I only train clients now from 4 to 6pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays now.

My online business has been picking up and it's basically making me more money by me working on it for 3-4 hours a day than I was spending 8 hours per day training clients at the gym."

He went on...

"Listen, I see how hard you work...

And I know you just had your fourth kid... are you crazy by the way?

You always complain about how you don't see your girls...

How you can't connect with your wife...

I think we can help each other...

I need help filming videos, answering customer service emails and doing other general tasks.

You do those things for me...

And in exchange, I'll show you how to do what I do - sell your services, expertise and programs online...

So that you can free more of your day to spend time and help raise your young family."

And so, with the help of a mentor - who took me under his wing - I was able to start a second income stream by selling kettlebell programs online with my website

The guy - my mentor... MY FRIEND who I spent countless cold Toronto mornings travelling from studio to studio with - ended up being my Fairy God Father 🙂

After a couple of years and more work, my online income had surpassed my coaching income and I decided to take the plunge and focus my efforts on the income stream that would allow me more freedom and time to spend with Rozanne and the kids.

Since then, Rozanne and I have been able to...

  • Travel the world with our family - 5 kids in tow!
  • Put our eldest daughter through school at the University of Barcelona.
  • Move from Toronto (our hometown) to sunny Costa Rica where we are building a sustainable home out of shipping containers, drinking our own mountain spring water and running on solar power while growing our own food.(Hey, it's not for everyone, but it works for us.)

Basically, we're living life on OUR TERMS.

And that wouldn't be possible if I was still seeing clients everyday...

...It wouldn't be possible without my mentor who taught me how to get out of the dollars-for-hours vortex.

You see, when you're presented with an opportunity by a mentor to teach you about a better way to provide for your family and get what you want out of life while doing something that you're passionate about... YOU TAKE IT!

I took it.

I "Paid to Play"... time. energy.


I did the work - both the labour and the actual mindset "self-work".

And went from a frustrated, tired and impatient business owner, coach and father... a happy, vibrant and passionate coach and family man and in the process...

...BUILT THE LIFE OF MY DREAMS for me, Rozanne and our 5 kids.

So now it's my turn to take those lessons I learned and pay it forward, which is why...

On Friday, February 23rd from 2:30pm to 5:30pm
at OS PRO Reset Weekend in Monterey, California
I'll be teaching...

The Online Second Paycheck Workshop

Turn your PASSION for helping others into a 2nd - EVEN A FULL TIME - paycheck, giving you the freedom and the ability to live your life according to your own schedule.

In this 3-Hour INTENSIVE, Hands On Workshop You'll...

  • IDENTIFY your ideal client so you're not working with people that don't fit your unique coaching style
  • OPTIMIZE your blog or website to direct people to your coaching service and products
  • DEVELOP A RELATIONSHIP with your ideal clients so they know, like and trust you (and are more likely to invest in your online coaching services and products again and again)
  • CONVERT "prospective" clients into PAYING clients using one simple (and ethical) "Jedi Mind Trick"
  • DISCOVER THE SIMPLE PROCESS that I use in my businesses to become the authority and trusted resource for health & fitness for over 50K subscribers of my newsletter

After attending the OSpreneur's Online Second Paycheck Workshop...

You'll come away with an ACTIONABLE Game Plan that you can (and should) implement RIGHT AWAY and will know EXACTLY how to both Get Started and Become Successful as an Online Coach.

The OSpreneur's Online Second Paycheck Workshop
Iron Republic Gym - 1807 Contra Costa St, Sand City, CA 93955
OSPro Reset Weekend! - Friday, February 23rd, 2017 from 2:30pm to 5:30pm
***Please bring a pen, a notebook and an open and abundant mindset.***



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Don't Miss The Opportunity To Learn How to Create More Freedom In Your Schedule, More Time For Your Family and The Ability To Work On Your Own Terms...

As one of my closest friends in the industry once told me during one of our Mastermind Meetings...

"The fact of the matter is, when it comes to building a successful business, you'll never do it by "picking someone's brain" over lunch...

If you don't invest into yourself, you'll never have skin in the game to take massive action.

Plus, how in the world are you going to ask others to invest in your service when you don't invest in yourself - BOTH your technical skills AND your business skills and education?

That's pretty silly and kind of sketchy to say it nicely.

If you want to be successful then you must stop saying...

How long will this take?

That didn't work for me...

When will I see results?

This isn't working...

Is there a money back guarantee?

These questions are signs that you have NOT committed to the process ahead.

You're focusing more on the outcome rather than the process.

Make your goal the process and the process the goal.

Achieving success is not an event, it's a long journey that involves risk after risk after risk...

However, where there is risk there is also great reward.

I'll be rolling into Monterey on Thursday evening.

And I'm really looking forward to meeting and seeing everyone again.

If you have any questions at all, just hit me up on the email below.

See you in Monterey!

-Chris Lopez