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Rule #6, #7 and #8…

Since writing the last post on my 5 Rules, I've come to realize that there are other important things in my life that I know will make me a better person and that will allow me to life a more full life, and so I've added 3 more Rules…

Rule #6 – Never deny a generous impulse.
We live in a world of hoarding, of fear and of scarcity, so whatever I can do to counter those feelings within myself, I will do.

If I get exceptional service at a restaurant, I'll tip more than what's “required”.

If I see something that reminds me of a friend or see something that I know someone will find unique and of value, I'll buy it for them – no occasion necessary.

I've also made it a point to write a personal Thank You note to someone every week.

Giving makes me feel good – and there needs to be a lot more of it in the world – so I'll do more of it and do my part to be a good citizen.

Rule #7 – My training/movement/exercise time is set – 11am to 12noon. I will protect that hour ruthlessly.

I like to move and I do it what I can to improve my health everyday. I also work in the Fitness Industry, so it would help that I practice what I preach.

I am consistently using my body as a tool to experiment with new exercise or training techniques and programming, so I have to stay true to this. It's like doing research for work.

“If it's important, do it everyday.”
-Dan John, Strength Coach

Rule #8 – I will refrain from defending my reputation or my intentions.
This one I got from the Stoic Philosopher, Epectetus.

Listen, I've got a lot of flaws… A LOT.

And I'm not denying that at all.

But I've come to learn that making excuses, being defensive or trying to weasel my way out of things doesn't work and really diminishes me both internally as a person and externally.

If I've made a mistake, I will acknowledge it, forgive myself (BIG STEP!) and allow my future actions to resolve who I am as a person.

“Only the morally weak feel compelled to defend or explain themselves to others. Let the quality of your deeds speak on your behalf. We can't control the impressions others form about us, and the effort to do so only debases our character.”

OK, so I'm up to 8 Rules.

And I've been reading them and meditating on them everyday.

This Personal Ethos exercise has proven to be a game changer for me only in the past few days.

I strongly suggest you give it a shot too.


#AlphaDad to 5 kids (all with the same woman, because you have to say that these days), Chris Lopez is a strength coach and lifestyle entrepreneur. Focused on living a simple life, Chris & his wife uprooted their family from the city of Toronto, Canada and now live in a small beach town on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica.

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