#AlphaDAD Project

The #AlphaDAD Project is an initiative to motivate and inspire the Modern Day Family Man to become the best version of himself.

"LIVE your life as THE MAN you want your son to grow up to be and THE STANDARD from which your daughter will hold all other men to"

What is The #AlphaDAD Project?

The #AlphaDAD Project is an initiative to motivate and inspire the Modern Day Family Man to become the best version of himself.

Being an #AlphaDAD means moving away from the stereotypically negative images of an “alpha male” – shunning the brash, arrogant, “boyish” & “douchebag” tendencies – and instead focusing on the dominance of SELF.

Being an #AlphaDAD means owning your “shit”, being comfortable with who you are as a man and confident enough to be both respectively vulnerable and assertive depending on the situation.

The 3 Pillars of the #AlphaDAD Project

The #AlphaDAD Project is built upon the following 3 Foundational Pillars…

1. STRENGTH – Becoming the strongest version of yourself both in mind and body.

2. SELF-RESPONSIBILITY – Taking responsibility for all situations in your life and NEVER playing the victim card.


3. MODELLING – Displaying and living the behaviour and values that you expect your children to live (thus teaching them through your example and actions).

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Hi, I'm Chris Lopez...

…and I’m an #AlphaDAD.

I write about how the Modern Day Family Man can live a healthier, stronger and richer life by adopting better habits, better relationships and simplifying things to the just the essentials.

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Someone once said that “if you can’t explain something simply, you don’t understand it well enough yet” and that was what thoroughly impressed me about Chris Lopez. Not only was he obviously very passionate about strength but his depth in knowledge and ability to convey it in a simply manner left me with no doubt he would be able help me achieve my goals. Chris cares deeply about his student’s success and if you hold up your end of the bargain and do the work I can assure you he will help you achieve whatever goal you are working towards.

-Peter Jankowski

Newcastle, Australia

As a parent and businessman, I need my health to perform all the roles I have in life. It’s less about looks for me and more about being at my best. Chris has helped me with this pursuit countless times. Thanks again Chris. I consider you to be my mentor, coach and friend.

-Shaun Browne

Manchester, United Kingdom

I’m a true believer in figuring out what you want, and then seek out those that currently have it.

I have two small children and spending time with them and being able to be the one to teach them important life skills is WHY I reached out to Chris.

For me, I needed guidance on how to successfully grow a business that would give me the ability to work from home so that I can spend more time with my growing family.

With Chris' guidance, I was able to structure my business to make money while I sleep!

Thank you Chris!

-Hector Guttierez Jr
Corpus Christi, Texas

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