BCS 006 – Abs in the Airport

Blue Collar Session #006 Here’s a video that I filmed at LAX of this session… No Equipment for this one – Just open space (or an airport). 4 exercises here done for 10 to 20 reps of each. Bird Dog



The #AlphaDAD Daily Movement Routine To Keep You Feeling Young, Resilient & Bulletproof I do this routine everyday… sometimes twice. It’s become second nature – almost like brushing my teeth or kissing my wife. And it’s probably one of the


VIDEO: How To Determine Your 5RM

(If you don’t get the “Goonies” reference above, Corey Feldman – the guy wearing the Purple Rain t-shirt – is also wearing a “Member’s Only” jacket from the 80s). Our new Strength Club Member James had a great question… Hey

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