HABITS > Goals > Resolutions

So, as much as I love seeing people resolve to do things in the New Year and as much as I love to see people setting goals and see where the next year can take them…
…If you’re serious about achieving those goals, then you MUST develop a plan on how to do it.
And the first step in that plan is determining the WHO you need to be to achieve the goal and WHAT HABITS you need to adopt to get there. Resolutions are fine… but the real power is in developing a STRONG CHARACTER where you’re able to carry out a resolution long after the excitement of the moment has passed.

Big Shoes To Fill

So this week, I’m flying solo. Every morning I’m up at 4:30am getting my work done before I take on homeschooling duties with the kids. My wife Rozanne is away at a women’s-only yoga retreat with some ladies that she’s never met.

My 5 Rules

One of the assignments in a Mastermind Group that I’m a member of is to write down five rules to live by. These 5 Rules are an unwavering, never to be broken, Ethos on how you live your life. I shared these in the group, but I thoughtl…

I Suck At Surfing

I’m not used to this feeling. I went out by myself yesterday – rented a board from a tank of a Rastafarian named Tico – and hit the waves in the late-morning while Rozanne and the kids were at a workshop. It was humbling…and I wasn’t used to not “getting it”.

Yo… I can surf

I’m back from a life-changing week at a surf camp that I spent with 4 of my closest friends. I say luxury because it was, in fact, luxurious. The accommodations were beyond 5 star and saying the view was spectacular would be an understatement.