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(training journal – Day 3) The Simplicity of STRONG

My good friend Vince Delmonte is running a Mastermind Meeting at a swanky hotel downtown, so I’m going to be in meetings all day today right through until Saturday.

That means that I had to do something that I don’t like doing on a regular basis…train in the early morning.

So I made sure that I was warm enough before my workout which meant getting up at 4:30am and making myself a good cup of coffee, did some work – wrote an article, did some planning – and then I gave myself enough time to warm-up.

Warm-Up was some Original Strength Resets, crawling, arm bars and get-ups. ?Then I started with double 16s and did sets of 3 presses working my way up to my working weight of double 28s.

Today’s Training…

1a) KB Strong Double Presses – Heavy Day
1b) Hollow Position Chin-Ups – 5 sets of 4 reps

As you know, I’ve been doing a combination of The STRONG & The ONE Program from Kettlebell STRONG.

I can’t talk enough about the relief of the SIMPLICITY of the program.

I guess being a little older my tolerance for fluff or the unnecessary has really gone down. I have no interest in kicking my own ass with 50 different exercises and 20 different set & rep schemes.

Instead, I prefer using the BEST and most effective exercises – only a handful of them – and mastering my skill.

Less is more.



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