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Will Your Metabolism Slow Down if you Fast? – Brad Pilon Interview Part 2

Will Your Metabolism Slow Down if you Fast?

In Sunday’s video we talked about the difference between the popular 16-8 Fast and Brad’s ideal 24h fast.

Click HERE if you missed Part 1.

Today, we cover questions such as:

  • Will your metabolism slow down if you do IF?
  • Will you lose muscle if you are on an IF style of eating?
  • Will your blood sugar drop throughout the day if you are fasting?

eatstopeat2012If you’re interested in more information about Intermittent Fasting and how you canmake it flexible so it fits in your lifestyle, check out Brad’s Book HERE

=>EatStopEat by Brad Pilon


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3 thoughts on “Will Your Metabolism Slow Down if you Fast? – Brad Pilon Interview Part 2”

  1. If someone is on Eat Stop Eat can they eat whatever they like on the days when they don’t fast? I noticed that Chris was chowing down on a burger and onion rings in the first vid.

    If you guys can address that or give some guidelines for non-fasting days I’d appreciate it.

    • So the answer is YES, you can eat whatever you like if you are on the ESE plan. BUT, here’s the disclaimer…

      I have a “cheat day” once per week where I am free to eat junk food – burgers, pizza, mounds of pasta, cheesecake – to restore my leptin levels to normal. That usually occurs on Sunday.

      Then on Monday, I will fast the entire day and have a light dinner.

      The remainder of the week Tue-Sat I eat according to my Macro-Rhythm where I eat carbs on my training days and stay away from them on my non-training days. On those days I don’t pay attention to how many calories I’m eating, BUT, I’m only eating good clean food – protein, healthy fats, lots of veggies, fruits and starches only on training days.

      I’ve tried it the other way, where I eat like crap throughout the week and fasted one day per week and I felt like CRAP. No energy, always sleepy, cranky and no juice left for training. My weight stayed the same, BUT there was more to it than just maintaining weight.

      So my suggestion is…eat great throughout the week, cheat one day and then fast the next. That’s the plan that has worked well for me.



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