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Chris Lopez writes about how to optimize your life as a Modern Day Family Man and model a healthy lifestyle for your loved ones.

Hey, I’m Chris. Thanks for visiting.

Just quickly, here are a few things about me…

  • I’m a Husband and Father of 5.
  • A Self-Published Author.
  • A Speaker.
  • A Coach.
  • A World Traveler.
  • A Wannabe Surfer (I’m getting there).
  • An Old School Hip Hop Connoisseur (My Top 5 are Nas, Biggie, Rakim, Jay-Z & Kendrick).

To stay in shape I only lift kettlebells and my own bodyweight and the occasional 70lb stalk of bananas…

I like my coffee.

I also consider myself a Minimalist (although does having 5 kids make me a hypocrite?)

Two years ago my wife and I sold 90% of our belongings (including our house in downtown Toronto, Canada), bought some jungle property on Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica and we’re now building an off-grid home out of shipping containers.

We’re doing the whole “self-sustaining” thing…

Solar Power.

Rainwater harvesting.

Growing our own food.

Crapping in buckets (I believe they call them “compost toilets”).

And we have 5 kids (4 girls and a boy)– all mine and hers together… because you have to say that these days.

And 2 dogs (a Rottweiller named “Phife” and German Shepherd named “Lupe”).

And 2 cats, T’Challa and Bonita.

We’ve been homeschooling our kids for 8 years.

The on-going joke in our family is that my oldest daughter attended a prestigious university in Barcelona, Spain WITHOUT having a high school diploma (we pulled her out of school and started homeschooling when she was in the 6th grade).

I’ve been a strength coach and entrepreneur for 20 years.

I specialize in fitness minimalism and started my journey using kettlebells & bodyweight training solely out of necessity…

…at the time we had 2 going on 3 kids and I was working my butt off as a personal trainer. I needed a solution that would help me stay in shape but do it with the least amount of time commitment.

So, enough about who I am.

What’s more important, is how I can help you in any way?

My goal with this project was to help as many men as possible and show them everything that I’ve learned over the years. If there is any way I can help you, please reach out to me.

Let me know what’s going on with you. 

I read everything I get.

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