SIMPLIFY Your Training.
LEVEL-UP Your Life.

With Simple, Minimalist Workouts, Nutrition, Lifestyle Guides and Execution Plans Designed Specifically For MEN Who Have Cut Through The BS in Life and Understand What's Really Important.

The STRENGTH CLUB was created for people who understand the value of time and want to spend that time doing things that are important to them.

It was created for men who don’t want to waste time going to the gym and have opted to optimize their fitness by using the power for the kettlebell and their own bodyweight.

ALL the Programs in the STRENGTH CLUB follow very strict guidelines.


"It's NOT the daily increase, but the DAILY DECREASE.
Hack away at the unessential."
Bruce Lee

THE STRENGTH CLUB Is More Than Just Another Fitness Membership Site

It’s a way of life.

The Strength Club is a community hub for like-minded men who believe that life is integrated.

And that true health is more than just what you can do in the gym.

It’s about how you live your life and how you set an example for your children and your community.

Here's What You'll Get Every Single Month in The STRENGTH CLUB...

Simple, Minimalist Training Programs Delivered Right To Your Member's Dashboard Every Month

Every Month you’ll get a brand new Phase of our Quarterly Program delivered right to your Member’s Dashboard.

The sessions require minimal equipment (kettlebells & bodyweight; sometimes a chin-up bar and/or gymnastics rings or a TRX).  My programs are auto-regulated (so it doesn’t matter and can be scaled, so you can train at home or at the gym. 

They are specifically designed for the needs of guys over 35 who want to build a badass, athletic body… an #AlphaDADBod.

This Month's Featured Program...


The FOUNDATION is a single kettlebell and bodyweight program that focuses on SLOW STRENGTH.

SLOW STRENGTH is about your ability to generate and manage tension to lift a load.  This creates a FOUNDATION for all other physical qualities – hypertrophy, explosiveness, power, work capacity, conditioning & endurance.

In the winter months it’s imperative to build this foundation so that all other phases of training become easier and achievable.

Hi-Definition SIMPLEX Training Program Videos

To accompany your SIMPLEX Programming, you’ll also get monthly Hi-Def training videos taking you through the nuances and little subtleties that make all the difference in your training.

This will take the guesswork out of the execution of your exercises so that you juice the most out of each movement and keep yourself healthy and injury-free.

You can download these to your smartphone or stream them right from the membership dashboard.

Simplified Nutrition To Take The Guesswork Out Of How To Eat

One of the things that I’m passionate about is making sure that my kids have a good relationship with food. And that starts with the behaviours and habits that I model for them.

So I’ve developed a simple way of eating that allows us to stay fit, lean and healthy while eating our favourite foods AND modelling a healthy relationship with food for our loved ones.

I’ll teach you how to do that in the Strength Club.


These tutorials are where we go in-depth on any topic that has to do with Levelling-Up and living an optimal lifestyle. 

You’ll learn from me and some of my closest friends throughout the health, fitness and lifestyle/productivity industry.

Some scheduled Master Classes Include…

  • Optimal Intermittent Fasting with Brad Pilon
  • Training to get Lean & Strong BEYOND 40 years old with Jason Ferruggia
  • The NEW Masculinity with Elliott Hulse
  • Creating your Perfect Day with Craig Ballantyne
  • Side Hustle Intensive with Yuri Elkaim
  • And of course a lot more!

Monthly Group Coaching Calls

Every month we’ll get online to discuss a topic as it pertains to you as a Modern Day Family Man.

We’ll discuss training, nutrition, lifestyle, hormone optimization, parenting & raising strong kids.

This will be an opportunity for me to answer any of your specific questions personally.


And FULL ACCESS To These Best Selling Courses...

But Don't Just Take My Word For It...
I've Also Bribed These Guys
To Say Nice Things About Me Too...

Are YOU Ready To Get Strong
and Optimize Your Life?

My "No Questions Asked" Guarantee

As always, I stand behind my programs 100%. You either love them and get results, or I’ll give you your money back.

You get 30 days to “test drive” the Strength Club.

If you’re not fully satisfied just drop me an email and let me know you want to cancel and I’ll get that taken care of… no questions asked.


Q: How long is a Strength Club Workout?

Training sessions are between 15-25 minutes long. Expect to add a brief warm-up to that and a cool down if you like.

Q: Do I need a gym membership or fancy equipment to use the workouts?

No. You’ll need a kettlebell (maybe a pair of kettlebells for the more advanced workouts) and open space. Some sessions require you to have access to a chin-up bar or suspension trainer (like a TRX or gymnastics rings) but modifications and options are given if you don’t have access.

Q: Are your programs appropriate for beginners?

Each workout can be customized for your fitness level to suit everyone from beginners to highly advanced athletes. You will also have access to an extensive exercise library, in-depth exercise tutorials and recorded workshops to help you dial-in your technique.

Q: How are your programs different from others?

I’m a father of 5, a husband and a business owner. I also just moved to a new country and am building a house.  I’m busy… but I still manage to stay in shape. I design my programs for people like me – men over 35 who want to get lean & strong and stay athletic by using quick workouts with minimal equipment and time commitment.

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