quickly, let's review what we know so far...

Based on the previous 2 pages, let’s just review the key points that you need to know about Building Muscle and Why It’s Important…

So, In order to hold onto and - better yet - BUILD our Fast Twitch Muscle, we must train them the following ways..

  1. EXPLOSIVELY using exercises that are safe

  2. Using relatively HEAVY WEIGHTS

  3. Using the entire body to create a fast twitch response ALL OVER (and not just in isolated muscle groups)

  4. BONUS: Using a lower-rep “practice” mentality to ensure that we maintain technique and not get injured

And the BEST way to do this is with a PAIR OF KETTLEBELLS and some targeted bodyweight drills.

Double Kettlebell Exercises when done properly will systemically stimulate the body to create a growth response…

…and then higher rep bodyweight exercises create “the pump” necessary to build muscle by flooding the local muscles with blood to enhance recovery.

Go Ahead and Give This

Using a pair of kettlebells that you can comfortably press 5 times, perform the following…

Clean x 4
Press x 2
Squat x 3

So you will Clean the Kettlebells 4 times…

…Then without putting them down, Press them TWICE…

…Then without putting them down, Squat with them 3 times.

See how many rounds you can get of that complex in a 10 minute period.

Don’t chase the burn or turn it into cardio.

Focus on maintaining PERFECT TECHNIQUE for every rep of every exercise.

The weights should feel relatively heavy, so just focus on being explosive on your cleans and staying tight (maintaining tension) on your presses & squats.

Then when you’re finished that workout, drop down and do 1 set of push-ups as many times as you can with perfect form.

Go ahead, I’ll wait….






You back?



Notice how you’re not on the floor in a pool of sweat & vomit BUT…

You still feel like you worked hard… probably feel energetic too?

This is how training should be…

Let me show you what just happened to your body and how it will respond to something like this...

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