Thank You For Registering For The OPTIMIZED Course...

Please check your email (the one you used for purchase) for an email with the subject line…

“[OPTIMIZED] Let’s Get Started…”  

In that email you’ll find a registration link to register a unique userID and password to our Strength Club.

***If, by chance, you don’t receive that email within the next 15-minutes, drop me a line at “” and I’ll get you set up.***

The Strength Club is the hub for all my programs and courses.

This is a much more effective way for me to update my programs and courses for you given that the science and research is ALWAYS changing.

I’m sure it goes without saying that you’ll have LIFETIME ACCESS to ANY course or program you purchase from me.

OK, enough talk. 

Go check your email now and… let’s get OPTIMIZED!

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