The GLF-REComp Coaching Program: Get Rid Of "DadBod" in 8 Weeks...
...Keep Your Results FOR LIFE

...And Change the Way Your Body Looks, Feels and Operates 24/7
While Developing The Habits Necessary to Maintain Your Results
For The Rest Of Your Life


The GLF-REComp Program is for Men…

  • Who believe in the INFINITE GAME. That making changes in their life is part of a long term strategy towards health and reversing the aging process.

  • Who believe that they must BUILD and maintain muscle mass in order to stay young.

  • Who believe NOT in quick-fixes but that CONSISTENCY trumps Intensity. That getting a little bit better everyday will yield the results they seek.

  • Who KNOW that they’re not 23 years old anymore and that the approach to changing and transforming their body cannot be the same as what’s advertised for men that are half their age.

  • Who believe that achieving a healthy, lean & muscular physique is about dismissing the dogma and tactics around eating a certain way and learning the principles of nutrition to get lean, muscular & healthy
If this really jives with you, then please read on… because what I have will make a serious dent in your universe and can forever change you FOR THE BETTER 👊🏽.

Step 1: Read the GLF-REComp Manifesto

Manifesto: "Get Lean First"

This Manifesto is about how you must train and treat your body NOW. The mainstream will probably tell you different.

Step 2: The Program

The GLF-REComp Program is an 8-Week body recomposition coaching program where you and I work hand-in-hand to change the way your body looks, feels and performs.

Our focus will be holistic – this is not about “swinging a kettlebell as many times as you can” or “going keto”.

We will go deep into the psychology, training strategy and nutrition that will give you RESULTS FOR LIFE.

Yes, you will train, but you’ll do so in a safe manner using scientific programming methods.

There are no “ballz-to-the-wall”, “go-until-you-puke” workouts.

The workouts that you will do are designed to make you stronger… to make you better.

Real Men, Real Results...

Eli, 40
Toronto, CANADA

Adriano, 40
Naples, ITALY

Neil, 60
New York, NY

Andy, 45
Atlanta, GA

Francois, 38
Quebec, CANADA

Eli, 46
Arkansas, USA

Check out Steve's Transformation...

This is Steve from Philadelphia. He’s 52 years old, a father of 4 and a former collegiate athlete. Steve did the REComp Program in order to get in better shape for a hip replacement operation. What he got out of it, was SO MUCH MORE.

Here's What You'll Get...

Step 3: Apply & Book Your Strategy Call

This program will be unlike ANYTHING you’ve ever done before.

And therefore it will require you to commit and abandon everything you think you may know about training and nutrition.

If you’re ready to commit, then I encourage you to book your strategy call with me so that we can get started…

Understand something…

The men that have already gone through this program and have achieved results are just like you and me…

Guys with everyday responsibilities, families, bills to pay and a life to live.

This program isn’t about suspending your entire life for 8-weeks while you hole up in a cave and eat raw meat.

This program is about committing to make REALISTIC changes in harmony with your current life.

It’s meant to give you energy and help you adopt the habits needed to make permanent changes in your health and longevity.

If that’s what you’re looking for, then I’m looking forward to working with you!



GLF-REComp Isn't Just About "Body" Transformation...'s about "feeling comfortable in your own skin"'s about CONFIDENCE's about being accountable to a group of like-minded MEN's about being a better man for the ones we love

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