Should you Build Muscle First? Or should you Get Lean First?

Here’s a hypothetical situation for you…

Let’s say that you want to gain 5lbs of muscle.

Ask yourself these 2 questions…

Would that muscle be more visible on a frame that is carrying 10lbs of extra fat?

OR would it be more visible if you were around 10-12% body fat with visible abs already?

Chances are that if you put on 5lbs of muscle while being 10lbs overweight you’d just look fatter.

The muscle would “push you out” even wider.

So sure, you’d look “bigger” but when you take your shirt off you’d just be the “big fat guy” instead of just “the fat guy”.

The answer then, become obvious…

You MUST Get Lean First (a.k.a. "GLF")

Getting lean first gives you a “blank canvas” to work with.

It gives your body the optimal environment for adaptation.

And it’s a lot easier to put on muscle when you’re lean as opposed to when you’re fat or overweight.


Again, it has to do with your hormones.

Because when you're leaner, everything works better.

When you’re leaner, your hormones are optimized.

You’re no longer resistant to Insulin and therefore can take your food and use it directly for energy or regular bodily function.

This also means that you’re far from being pre-diabetic.

Growth Hormone – your primary fat burning hormone – is in abundance when you’re leaner, healthier and sleeping well.

Testosterone – the male “muscle building” hormone is usually at normal to optimal levels where you start feeling confident, your sex drive goes up and you walk around with a general zest for life.

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