The Double Kettlebell MASTER CLASS

Module 1 Welcome To The Double Kettlebell Workshop
Unit 1 Read This FIRST...
Unit 2 Introduction
Module 2 The Foundation
Unit 1 The Foundation of DOUBLE KETTLEBELL Training
Unit 2 How to Get Your Kettlebells Into the Rack Position (a.k.a. The Best "Armour Building" Exercise)
Unit 3 The Double Front Squat: The Strength Building Fat Burner
Module 3 The Cylinder - Strength from the Inside-Out
Unit 1 The Cylinder: The Centre of Movement, Strength and Everything Else Important in Your Life
Unit 2 The Cylinder and Pressing: This 3-minute Video May Be The Most Important One You Watch (It Can Save Your Back & Shoulders A Lot of Pain In The Future)
Module 4 Going Overhead
Unit 1 The Double KB Military Press: A.K.A. "The Meaning Of Life"
Unit 2 The Double Push-Press: The Hybrid Lift
Unit 3 Jerks and the LCCJ (Long Cycle Clean & Jerk)
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