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11 thoughts on “Diet… Not Forever, Just For NOW”

  1. Chris –
    Would adding a small amount of gelatin/collagen and coconut oil to a cup of coffee (like the Neupert 24 hour diet) be considered breaking your fast? I usually do this to take the edge off of IF when I do it

    • @Cory – good question and the answer is YES, adding collagen & coconut would be considered breaking your fast.

      There are still metabolic processes that occur that requires your body to metabolize the protein and fat from collagen & coconut oil. That doesn’t mean it’s not healthy… it just means that you’re not fasting anymore.

    • Nuts are welcome… beans are fine but in small quantity. Although beans do contain protein, they still contain more carbohydrates and have a higher glycemic load than vegetables.

  2. Just to be clear, no cheat days, stay true for the duration…… so for how long? Is the 44.7-50% waist/height ratio the target?

    • Some thoughts on IF, in the video you talk about the intention to consolidate feedings so meal frequency is reduced. If we don’t also reduce our overall calorie consumption (i.e. eat one normal mean in ESE protocol or two on 16/8) wouldn’t this reduce the effectiveness as a fat loss method?

  3. Chris- do you see any problem with using both fasting forms (i.e., 1-2 24 hour fasting days, and “16-8” on the other feeding days?)

  4. A few questions

    1. Any suggested parameters around total grams of carbs per day? In other words, define low carb.
    2. I?m still nursing a bum shoulder and a pinched nerve so snatches are not working – tried them last weekend to my demise. If I replaced snatches with hill sprints and maybe 32kg 2H swings along with rucking does that suffice?


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