Phase 1 Bodyweight Training

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12 thoughts on “Phase 1 Bodyweight Training”

  1. Does the superset include both legs on the pistol (i.e. INverted Row, Left Leg Pistol reps, Right Leg Pistol reps) or Row then one leg reps ( alternate legs each superset)?

  2. I see that for the inverted row your feet are under the anchor point, for the feet elevated version your chest is below the anchor point. Thoughts/opinions/recommendations on the two start positions?

    • Test where your RM would be and go with that. Ideally you want to be able to get around 8 to 10 of whatever variation you choose. Use the variation that’s most appropriate to your level.

  3. Hi Chris,
    Bad knees – torn meniscus on both sides, some arthritis – make me very leery of trying pistols. Am good with deep squats if not wobbly, though. Wondering if double KB squat might be an acceptable substitute for the pistols.
    Thanks for any thoughts on the matter.

    • Hey Gary – What other single leg exercises would you feel comfortable doing? This phase is about single-leg and developing strength evenly. Send me some options on what you’re comfortable doing. OR I can film a video with some options. Also, have you tried the pistol modification with the upper body assistance? -Chris

  4. I have similar question to David above – if I find a 10 RM for inverted row, and modified pistol (I use homemade TRX straps), then each set would look like this:
    5 rows, 5 modified pistols Left, 5 modified pistols Right, rest

    Is this what’s intended?

  5. Hi Chris, I’m struggling a bit with my one knee on the pistols (I’m doing the modification pistol). Could you give another suggestion that I can use? I’m building up to the pistols, so doing them onto a small step as I build up strength, but need something else as well.


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