SIMPLEX: Muscle Phase 2 – Workout A (KB Grind – Shoulder Support)

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10 thoughts on “SIMPLEX: Muscle Phase 2 – Workout A (KB Grind – Shoulder Support)”

  1. Couple questions regarding how this is laid out:
    1. Where do the rows/pulls come in? Is it A1-A3, then rows/pulls, repeat for the time length?
    2. Is there a calendar for this phase also? Like alternate A and B every other day?
    3. Looks like a typo – on this page it says workout B.

    • Hi Lee – OK, here are your answers…

      1. The pulls are to be performed separately AFTER the Strength Circuit. So take 25 minutes and complete as many rounds of A1-A3. Then do 3 sets of the Shoulder Support.

      2. I didn’t create one, but it is an AB Split done every other day. So…

      Week 1 – ABA
      Week 2 – BAB
      Week 3 – ABA
      Week 4 – BAB

      I’ll make sure the training logs will outline this.

      3. Thanks! Yes it was typo. I’ve corrected it.

      This is awesome, Lee. Thank you!


    • Not necessarily. If you build enough volume that you can do it as a complex later in the phase, then that’s ok. But remember the goal is technique and tension… not reps. So at first, sure put the KBs down between exercises. But when week 4 comes around and you feel like you can comfortably do it in a complex without sacrificing your technique, then that’s perfect!

  2. Hi Chris ,

    1. Regarding the shoulder Tri-Set with TRX-
    I wanted to make sure what you meant:

    3 sets x 5-8 reps per exercise=

    3 sets of elbows in+ 3 sets elbows out+ 3 sets face pull?

    2. I have one light and one heavier bells.
    Isn’t it better to have equal weights in the double kettlebles for this phase?



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