SIMPLEX: Muscle – Phase 3 “Workout A” (Grind Focus)

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7 thoughts on “SIMPLEX: Muscle – Phase 3 “Workout A” (Grind Focus)”

  1. Hi Chris
    is this right:
    Ladders of 1, 2, 3 means:
    A1-A3 – 1 rep each
    then A1 -A3 2 reps each
    and A1-A3 3 reps each

    and then repeat the whole thing

  2. Hi Chris
    Thanks for answering.

    it going quite well, thanks

    I got two equal weights now
    and am seeing results
    thank you

  3. Chris I’m performing the Tri set and the superset as complexes. It is tough. Am I doing it right? Or should I put kettlebells down between A1 and A2 exercises?

    • Hi Adriano –

      So for this workout (the grinds) you should be doing the following (ladders, for example)…

      Chin-Up x 1
      Clean & Press x 1 (do not put the kbs down)
      Double Front Squat x 1
      rest, then…

      Chin-Up x 2
      Clean & Press x 2
      Double Front Squat x 2
      rest, then…

      Chin-Up x 3
      Clean & Press x 3
      Double Front Squat x 3
      rest, then go back to 1

      Is that what you’re doing?

      Let me know senore!


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