SIMPLEX: Muscle – Phase 3 “Workout B” (Ballistic Focus)

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9 thoughts on “SIMPLEX: Muscle – Phase 3 “Workout B” (Ballistic Focus)”

  1. Is there a description of the dead bug exercise? If not, should I just go with one of the variants I see on YouTube?

  2. Confused about the ladders:
    Is the intent:
    2 Clean & Push Presses
    2 2H Swings
    4 C&Push Presses
    4 2H Swings

    2-4-6 reps of C&PP
    2-4-6 reps of 2H Swings

    Or something else?

    Would like to reiterate the suggestion of having a video of at least one pass of the entire workout to reduce the need for these types of questions

    • Hi David – Sorry for the confusion.

      The former is correct…
      2 C&PP + 2 Double Swings, park the KBs, then…
      4 C&PP + 4 Double Swings, park, then…
      6 C&PP + 6 Double Swings, park…
      and then start again from 2

      My knee is actually starting to feel better so I will film a video and have it up tomorrow for sure.

  3. I need a clarification on the dead bug.

    Are we keeping our tailbone up throughout the movement…only going as far down with the leg that our tailbone stays elevated? Or are we only focusing on keeping it up in the high/neutral position?



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