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What’s New In The Strength Club – 5 February 2019

Well the past few weeks have been quite eventful…

  • We went to Panama to “reset” our tourist visa to Costa Rica. We are in the process of obtaining permanent residency in CR so legally we don’t have to leave the country to reset a 90-day visa. BUT our driver’s licences are attached to the 90-day stamp on our passports, so we actually have to leave to reset our our visas in order to drive. If you go beyond the 90 days and you get pulled over your licence is considered “invalid” and you’ll incur a hefty fine.
  • Our dog died. We adopted a “street dog” named Tuba a couple of months ago. Our Rottweiller Phife and German Shepard Lupe are big (85lbs & 70lbs respectively). Tuba really liked to mix it up with them and ended up injuring her hip badly. It was a tough decision, but where we live, her quality of life would have really been poor. So with love, we made a tough decision. We were all there when she took her last breath.
  • I got a bad staph infection. My injured knee opened up and got infected… badly. To the point where I needed to take antibiotics – really strong antibiotics – injected into my left butt cheek for 3 days straight. And I was put on a cycle of oral antibiotics as well. It will take me several months now to rebuild my gut bacteria.
  • I turned 42 and I wrote about 42 lessons that I’ve learned HERE
  • AJ’s here. Our oldest daughter, AJ, is here visiting from -30 degree, snowy Toronto. The 7 of us are together for the next couple of weeks. That’s probably the best birthday that I could ask for.
  • Our cat died. We have 2 cats – T’Challa & Bonita. They frequently like to leave the house in the middle of the night. Well, our German Shepard has these natural instincts and never got along with the cats. She got a hold of T’Challa. He passed away the day after AJ got here.


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