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Chris Lopez

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12 Weeks

A young man (he was 10) asked my daughter for her phone number over this past weekend.

And so it begins. My 10 year old is in her final year of elementary school and will start middle school next September.

With middle school comes school dances, the beginnings of raging hormones, mouthy teenagers and B.O….oh the joy. I can’t wait.

So now is the time for me to start putting a little more (QUALITY) weight on my 180lb frame.

When the boys come knockin’, they need to know who’s in charge…and it’s not going to be a skinny, unintimidating push-over.

I’ve got goals over the next 12 weeks to put 10lbs of muscle on and lose 10lbs of fat.

I’m also going to focus on spending more individual time with my wife and each of my kids.

AND, I’m going to focus on getting to bed earlier for myself.

TODAY is the day it all begins.

What about you?

12 weeks from now, how lean, muscular and fit will you be?

Will you have dedicated time to yourself and to your family and have MADE yourself a better dad?

Will you have set the example for your kids and have shown them your new found commitment to health & exercise, thus paving the way for them to live a healthy and fit life?

Will you have taken yourself out of YOUR own personal comfort zone to force your body and mind to change and become better, stronger?

If not, why not?

12 weeks to create new habits.

12 weeks to create a new physique.

12 weeks to your wife whistling at you as you mow the lawn with your shirt off this summer!

12 weeks to BE A BETTER DAD.

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Chris Lopez

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1 thought on “12 Weeks”

  1. Oh man, I totally forgot to tell you about that! I can’t believe how young these kids are, but how old they act.

    For me, I have 6 weeks left. So now it’s all about the maintenance, low weight and high reps. A lot more kettlebell training as well.


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