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25 Things I DIG…For Now

This is a response to my wife’s post HERE.

She calls it “25 Things I LOVE Right Now”…but us “manly-men” don’t say “love” (out loud), so I’m saying DIG.

(You can say “DOWN with” or “JONESIN'”, whatever. You get the point)

Don’t worry, I’ll spare you from all the cheesy, sentimental stuff (like saying that I dig/love my wife, my kids, my family, etc, etc.). There are things in this list that I think you’ll actually find useful.

So, in honor of Valentine’s Days, Here are (in no particular order)…


1. Fish Oil – I talk about this one in my book. Here’s what my boyz Keith Scott and Mike Roussell have to say about…The Wonders of Fish Oil on

2. Old School Hip Hop – A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Jungle Brothers, Special Ed, Grand Puba, Chubb Rock, Beasties, Biggie, LONS, Black Moon, Public Enemy…the list goes on.

3. Kettlebells – Take a look at your fireplace. Does it work? Some people have soot in theirs. Some people have nice decorative logs. Some have it completely closed off. We, have KETTLEBELLS in ours.

4. NYC
– The city that doesn’t sleep. From the time that I was a young buck going on long drives with my brother and my parents in the GM Caprice Estate Station Wagon (complete with the fake wood panelling on the side) to this past summer when we loaded up the mini-van and took the girls for the first time – I DIG NEW YORK. I can’t get enough of this city. Two of my closest cousins live there. I’ve already planned to fly back (on business) next month and again at the end of May.

5. Organic Coconut Milk – It’s never been a better time to be lactose intolerant! I use 1/2 a can, a scoop of pea protein, throw in some frozen berries, some maca powder, some cocoa nibs and a little bit of water and I’ve got breakfast-on-the-go. It tastes amazing and it’s all thanks to…

6. Jason Ferruggia’s Blog – This Jersey boy knows his sh*t. I get his blog updates on my RSS feed and can’t wait to see what he says next about subjects ranging from Old School Gansta Hip Hop to Meditation. Between Jason and my buddies Vince Delmonte and Zach Even-Esh, I’m set for Muscle Building advice.

7. The way my 3-year-old dances –

8. Watching my 10-year-old play volleyball – I can’t explain it. Pride just comes over me. Maybe because I played. Maybe because I know she’s growing up. Either way, I’ll always be the proud papa in the stands and will never miss a game – even when she’s playing for UCLA on a full ride.

9. – Want an incredible amount of information on how to succeed while living the “Internet Lifestyle”? You need to check out my good friend Craig Ballantyne’s blog on how to succeed with an online business. Read the interview I did with him HERE.

10. The way my 5-year-old says things in the past tense – She does the right thing by adding an “e-d” to the end of any verb that occurs in the past EXCEPT she pronounces it phonetically as, “ED” (as in Mr. Ed). For example, yesterday she said that I “push-ED” her in the snow bank (which I did) or that yesterday I “cook-ED” spaghetti. It’s really too cute to correct right now. She’s in French Immersion and learning 2 languages at once, so I don’t want to mess with anything just yet. Let’s just hope she gets rid of it by the time high school rolls around. Otherwise, she’d be really piss-ED off at me (sorry, couldn’t resist).

11. BOOK: The Power of Less by Leo Babauta
– A book that really changed the way I do things. Reading it made me realize that it’s not about how much you have, but the quality of things you do in your life that make a huge difference. It’s an incredibly powerful book for anyone who has a tendency to get caught-up (like I did) and feel the need to pare down and focus on the essential. Read more from Leo at his blog

12. Waking-up at 5am – You probably think I’m mad because I don’t get a lot of sleep to begin with, but my house is chaotic at all other times during the waking hours. The only time there is real silence is at 5am when everyone is still asleep and I can actually have some peace to be alone with my thoughts and do some writing. Therefore, I love waking up at 5am, except on…

13. Sunday Mornings – We stay in bed and then they slowly start to trickle in (one by one) until the bed is packed and my a** ends up on the floor…which is their signal to me to get downstairs because they want breakfast.

14. Tomfoolery & Shenanigans – My wife’s blog that completely cracks me up. Not only because she’s a very captivating & humorous writer, but because what she writes about (the madness in our house) is all, 100% TRUE.

15. Blast Straps – I take these everywhere. It’s as close to a portable gym as you’re going to get.

16. March Madness – College hoop is the PUREST sport there is. Guys diving on the floor, taking charges, making last-minute buzzer beaters. There’s nothing better than the dramatics of a Cinderella team knocking off a national powerhouse. It’s the best thing to watch on the tube, except when the powerhouse team is…

17. UNC Basketball – No other program has ever produced better NBA players. Icons like Michael, Worthy, ‘Sheed, Vince, Antawn and Stack made it cool for guys to wear baby blue. Imagine a team where Rasheed Wallace and Jerry Stackhouse started while Antawn Jamison and Vince Carter came off the bench…sick!

18. Fasting – I think I talk about this enough. If you haven’t tried it, you MUST. Read about it HERE.

19. Espresso – I can’t talk about this enough either. My favorite is Intelligensia’s Black Cat Organic.

20. My 1-year-old’s hair –

21. “Chucks” (Converse All-Star High Tops) – I wore a pair of these in an 8th grade elementary school basketball game and dropped 30-something points on our opponents (yes peoples, I was BAD back then). At the end of the game the opposing coach got pissed off and thought I was making a mockery of his team. I just wore them because I forgot my Nikes and didn’t want to go home to get them. Now I rock’em with jeans or squats and/or deadlifts.

22. BOOK: Tribes by Seth Godin – If this isn’t a motivational book to get up off your a**, take the reigns and lead, then I don’t know what is.

23. The Ab Wheel – By far, this is the best “ab” contraption ever made.

24. Moleskine Notebooks
– My tool of choice. I have 3. A reporters’ book that I take everywhere (it’s my “A-Ha” book), a graphed one that I use as my training log and a planner that I’m using to replace my Blackberry.

25. My Bike – I bought a Gary Fisher urban bike last spring and now ride it everywhere. In the busy city streets of Toronto, it’s the smartest method of transportation. From downtown to home it takes me 12 minutes in rush hour…it would take me 30-minutes in a car or 45-minutes on public transit. If you don’t have a bike, get one. You’ll love it.

There you go guys.

Don’t forget to tell your wife that you “DIG” her.

It’s Valentine’s Day.

The FitAndBusyDad


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