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4 Foods That I’ll Never Eat (and You Shouldn’t Either)

In my house, there are 4 foods that will NEVER make it through the front door.

I have such an aversion to these foods that just the mere thought of them makes my stomach do backflips.

As a father of 5, I’ve resolved to not let my kids eat any of these foods. Does that mean that they’ll crave them or go bonkers for them when they’re 18 and decide to get out of this crazy health-conscious dwelling that I’ve created for them?


But for now, I can control what they eat and what I eat, so for now, I’m the boss.

These are the 4 foods that I’ll never eat (and I honestly don’t think that you should either)…

?French Fries

Loaded with poisonous trans fats, saturated fat, empty carbs, sodium and absolutely no nutritional value. I have a friend that actually calls french fries “deep-fried-cancer-sticks”. I don’t care if you go to a fancy restaurant where they call them “frites”, it’s the same difference. I’m not sure if sweet potatoe fries are that much better if they’re deep fried either.

As an alternative at our house we make the sweet potatoe version except instead of frying, we bake and then broil them to crisp them up.


White Bread

Again, another food that has no nutritional value whatsoever. I remember when I was young, I used to eat PB&Js on WonderBread like it was going out of style. I’d even go as far as to say that I used to eat 3 of them before any basketball or volleyball game that I had in highschool.

Now, I’d NEVER let my kids eat white bread.

I’ve read investigative articles about some of the stuff that they put in white bread and it’s disgusting. Whether these reports are true or not is beside the point. The point is that white bread is so void of nutrition that if you eat it it will actually take away resources from your body because your body has to work extra hard to try to digest this stuff.

A healthier alternative would be to eat a sprouted grain bread (like Ezekiel) or something/anything with a little more fiber in it. I don’t do well with wheat (or grains for that matter) – I bloat right up and it looks like I’m 8 months pregnant – so I avoid grains altogether.


Soda & Sports Drinks

So tell me what flavour “Blue” is? Tell me what, in nature, is edible that is actually that shade of blue? The thing that I absolutely HATE about the sports drinks commercials is that it shows these world class athletes training and then drinking that stuff. They market the products as nutrition “replenishment”.

I can guarantee you that Usain Bolt grew up on a diet of boiled yams, free range “jerk” chicken and coconut water – not on blue liquid.

They market their products to young aspiring athletes who want to “Be Like Mike” – did I just date myself with that slogan? – but all these youngsters get is an addiction to sugar.

Be smart. Don’t let your kids drink that sugary crap.

If you want to replace electrolytes, have an orange or a banana or squeeze a lemon into your drinking water. Maybe a pinch of Celtic Sea Salt into your water bottle will suffice. Or select nature’s sports drink, COCONUT WATER. But please, do yourself and your kids a favor and don’t buy into the fluorescent green sports drink crap.

Oh yeah and soda…people still drink that stuff? What is this, the 90s?


Donuts/Pastries bought from a supermarket

Mass produced baked goods are horrible. Again, no nutritional value and they leave you feeling empty after an hour or so. They’re an instant gratification food made with the cheapest ingredients available and then glazed with a high-fructose corn syrup icing that’s a diabetic’s worse nightmare.

My wife bakes (and she’s darn good at it too). She uses wholesome ingredients – mainly organic – and she also adds a little natural goodness in the form of some pureed vegetable. She once made these brownies with pureed spinach in them – and you couldn’t taste the spinach.

One thing that I’ve never seen my wife put into her baking is shortening. What is that stuff anyway? I hear that it’s lard, which is saturated animal fat, but when I take a look at the ingredients, nothing looks like it comes from animals. And it’s definitely nothing that you would want in your body.

There are many foods that you shouldn’t be eating, but these 4 are the absolute definitive ones that if you see, you should run the other way.

I’ve been guilty many a time of saying that “I can eat whatever I want”, and it’s true.

But rest assured, now that I’m a father and a more conscious and aware consumer, I will NEVER want any of those 4 items anywhere near me or my wife and kids.

Luckily, it’s this diet that allows me to eat what I want…


If you’d like to stay healthy and get to the point where you can eat what you want, you should check it out.

Stay healthy and be conscious,
Chris Lopez, RKC


No tricks or shady marketing crap… just my promise to send you articles like the one above a few times per month.

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