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$49 down, $151 to go…Days 1 to 4

My wife was kind enough to compile our grocery/food spending for the past 4 days. Here is the breakdown thus far:

Week 1

Monday: $8
-Rozanne went to Collingwood (actually 45 min north of Cwood) with some family. Aunt paid for lunch in exchange for the gas Rozanne used. She only spent $2 on a Tim Horton’s coffee and a tea for her aunt.
-Chris spent $6 on a California Sandwich for AJ en route to her soccer practice…which she still can’t participate in but just loves to watch and hang around her teammates.

Tuesday: $28
-Farmers’ Market Day: Kids have a ritual of munching on fresh market cinnamon buns while Rozanne shops for veggies at the market. Spent $4 on the buns and $12 on locally-grown organic peppers, cauliflower, and broccoli.
-Rozanne’s dad is off work this week and offered to take the kids out for lunch (and also ended up buying dinner…even though we protested).
-Chris spent $0 but received a free espresso from a friend (fasting day).
-Rozanne spent $12 on 2 dozen free-run eggs and brownie ingredients (dairy-free desserts/recipes are hard to find).

Wednesday: $13
-Grocery Visit: Rozanne spent $13 on organic bananas and a bulk box of chicken fingers (emergency lunch).
-Surprise visit from Rozanne’s aunt and cousin (needed to hang out somewhere while waiting for Rozanne’s uncle in surgery at the hospital close to our house). They bought lunch.
-Chris spent $0 (leftovers for lunch, dinner was lemon-sage chicken & steamed broccoli – all ingredients were on-hand including the sage which came FRESH AND FREE from a client’s herb garden).

Thursday: $0
-Enjoyed the beautiful weather with the kids and packed snacks.
-Ate leftovers for lunch.
-Dinner bought by Roger (my father-in-law)

4 Day TOTAL – $49

Are we going to be able to do this? This weekend will be the TRUE test. I’ll be doing my second fast of the week with Rozanne tomorrow (Saturday from Lunch to Lunch) because we’ve got a friend’s birthday party to attend.

I’ll have more to tell you about on Monday.

the FitAndBusyDad

p.s. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I got another FREE espresso from the barista at Lit Espresso Bar after I told him about our family’s little experiment – I think he just felt sorry for me.


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2 thoughts on “$49 down, $151 to go…Days 1 to 4”

  1. Chris, as you know we have similar nutrition goals, but nearing a breakdown I booked a holiday which has dropped my grocery budget to 150/week including diapers this month. I am struggling, I usually have 225 average for everything (meat, diapers, ect) and only 2 kids. I will try chatting up the barrista, but looking forward to more tips.
    Oh yah, just subscribed to your newsletter and got the read today, glad to see you are following your own advice, you thought of it. Thanks




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