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A Formal Public Apology to My 4 Daughters…

Dear AJ, Joey, Frankie & Mikey,

Daddy is sorry.

Over this past business trip, mommy and I had no choice but to join daddy?s work friends on a trip to Disney World.

We didn?t have any fun.

The only ride we got to go on was a big motor coach that took us around all the parts of the Magic Kingdom that you would find boring (but interestingly, daddy found quite amazing).

We saw how Disney World does their laundry.

We saw how they make their plants into different Disney characters (and you?d be proud of me, girls, because daddy corrected the tour guide when he mistook Belle for Cinderella).

Then we went underground into the tunnels to see how Disney cast members secretly get around the park.

But it was no fun without you. And mommy and I were thinking about you the whole time we were there. That smile on my face in front of Cinderella’s castle wasn’t real…it was just for show.

All I did there was work, work, work. And even though I got a lot done, I didn’t have any fun whatsoever…

So I promise to you today, never to go back to Orlando, Florida (or to Disney World) unless the 4 of you and your mother are with me.

Your FitAndBusyDaddy

P.S. Just kidding. Mommy had lots of fun and didn’t want to come home!


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