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The #AlphaDAD AM Movement Routine

My morning routine is quite extensive, so I will tackle that in another post.

But one of the FOUNDATIONS of my AM routine is movement… specifically a series of movements/exercises based on Original Strength Resets.

Original Strength is a movement restoration system that was developed by two strength coach friends of mine (Tim Anderson & Geoff Neupert).

Simply put, “O.S.” takes developmental patterns – the same movement patterns that newborn babies naturally use to go from completely immobile to upright and walking – and uses them to restore proper function and movement in adults.

The mind-blowing thing with OS is that these patterns are naturally “hard-wired” in your nervous system.

You don’t teach a baby how to walk. The baby goes through a series of movements & discovery and then eventually walks.

So practicing those same patterns may – over time – restore any movement issues (or muscle imbalances) that you may have.

This is important because STRENGTH is just loaded movement.

So if you load an improper pattern, the likelihood of injury goes up exponentially.

By the time you commit this routine to memory, it will take a total of 7 minutes… and it will be the BEST 7 minutes that you’ll spend all day.

Give it a shot and let me know how it goes…


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