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Aluminum Water Bottles

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the plastics in water bottles. Some studies have shown that drinking out water bottles will actually increase the amount of estrogen you comsume (which is not a good thing if you’re looking to gain muscle and/or lose fat). Same for eating out of plastic containers, and that gets even worse if you microwave your food in them. For a few years now, scientists have warned against having polycarbonate plastics come in contact with your food or water.

Recently, plastic water bottles made by a very popular “camping and outdoors” manufacturer went under the microscope. What the study found, was that the Lexan plastic (a type of polycarbonate plastic) used in these bottles when coupled with a cleaning agent (like a detergent that you would use at home to wash the bottle) caused birth defects and developmental abnormalities leading to miscarriages in mice. Without going through the entire science of it, the effects of the detergent caused the plastic in the bottle to attach to a chemical that mimics the female hormone ESTROGEN (called bisphenol or BPA). Research has now shown that even low levels of BPA have had an adverse effect on prostate development, tumors, breast tissue development, sperm count and ENLARGEMENT OF FAT CELLS IN THE BODY.

Pick-up either a glass or aluminum water bottle for you and your family and try as much as possible to use either ceramic or glass containers to store and re-heat your food. I use a SiGG bottle similar to the one above and have recently bought one for my wife and my 2 older daughters. They are a little more expensive than the plastic ones, but I don’t really need the extra estrogen (hint of sarcasm) seeing as I live with 5 women already.

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