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And The Winner Is…

You guys didn’t make it easy.

We received 27 total entries in the Flip Cam Contest and everyone was incredibly open and honest with their stories.


A big shout out goes to Steve from Ohio who lost over 160lbs in 12 months while looking after both of his sick parents and grieving the loss of a brother. Steve writes…

“I did it the old fashioned way…no tricks, gimmics, or surgery. I used faith, accountability, personal responsibility, and hard work.”

Great job Steve! You’ve secured your place in the good Karma books, man.

Kudos goes to Tom (who has 4 kids just like me) and is starting his own fitness business this year. A quote that stuck out from Tom’s entry was…

“I feel more energy and life when I am committed to a business goal and physical goals and I can see the effect on my family in a positive way as well. I know that I am committing to the pain of discipline in myself this year because I do not want the pain of regret”

And to Ellis, the father of 11 (8 of them are daughters!). And I thought I was busy!

The Winner of Flip Video Camera is…

Andy, who wrote this entry:

“3 things I’m going to concentrate on coming into 2009:

#1. 3 words: Keep the balance. Balance is everything. Family, Work, Workouts…the whole deal. Being a father of 2 twin pre schoolers and a 1 year old isn’t easy since 2004 and before that. I’ve been asked: “How do you keep up?”…well, starting off, I didn’t. I blew up to 225 lbs (maybe more) at the time my twins were born. I focused too much on family and work and not anything else.

#2. Make the time. If you can sacrifice 45 minutes in a gym…you can sacrifice 45 minutes or more with your kid’s homework, at the dinner table, at the park, reading them a story at night or just plain teaching them the facts of everyday life to a point that they would understand. We’re all busy but I don’t believe there isn’t time for everything in life. If family gets in the way of your workouts…do your workouts in the morning or when they are tucked in bed.

#3 Focus on quality and not quantity with your family and your workouts…and everything in general. In everything you do, make it worthwhile. Savor those little moments with them…it doesn’t have to be in the form or a trip to Disneyland or what have you. Give them a hug everyday…make them feel special. Your family yearns that from you. I remember going to a volleyball game just the other night and you can just see in their eyes who they look up to. Make them proud that you are their dad and live by example that healthy habits are a good thing and not all about a trip to Chuck E Cheese running around with a pizza in their hand. Introduce them to healthier eating habits such as an apple or a banana. HIt them when their young and they’ll carry those good habits when they get older.

Congratulations Andy!

Please send me an email at info(at) so that we can chat about how to get you the goods!

Oh, BTW the most comedic entry goes to Michal who said…

“And all I’m doin’ in 2009 is tryin’ to BECOME a dad and I think it’s one of the best workouts out there !! :))

Nice try, buddy. You get an “A” for effort.

Good Luck on your Transformations guys!

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