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Big Birthday Giveaway #1: What Are You Doing in ’09 to be A Better Dad?

Today, Monday, January 26th, 2009 is my 32nd Birthday.

I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than to thank all of you for your kind and supportive emails and notes of encouragement over the past year and a bit.

So to show my thanks, I’m going to be making 3 BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS over the next 3 days where everyone can take advantage of some incredible prizes, giveaways and special offers.

So here goes…

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT #1: I’m giving away a
BRAND NEW Flip Video Camera.

Here’s how you can win…

With January almost done, I’m wondering how everyone is keeping up with their “dreaded” New Year’s Resolutions.

Have you been able to stay on track with eating well and keeping a consistent exercise schedule?

Have you resolved to be a better dad and make sure that you’re reading a bedtime story to the kids every night?

Have you been a shining example of health to your kids by showing them that you make time to exercise and choose what you eat carefully?

To WIN the Flip Cam,


Your entry must be submitted by commenting on this blog post by no later than
Thursday, January 29th, 2009 @ 11:59pm EST.

The winning entry will be judged on creativity, specificity of goals and how entertaining and/or inspirational your story is and will be announced on Friday, January 31st, 2009.

Don’t be shy. Step out of the shadows and let everyone know your story and how you resolve to be the best you can for your family’s health and your own.

I look forward to reading and being inspired by you!

Chris Lopez
The FitAndBusyDad

P.S. There’s another BIG ANNOUNCEMENT coming tomorrow!


No tricks or shady marketing crap… just my promise to send you articles like the one above a few times per month.

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28 thoughts on “Big Birthday Giveaway #1: What Are You Doing in ’09 to be A Better Dad?”

  1. Happy Birthday! In 2009 I am getting more involved with my daughter (4) in active recreation. We are snowboarding in the backyard together, riding bikes more, playing golf, hitting wiffle balls, playing street hockey in the driveway, and working through some exercise DVDs. She loves the daddy time, and the exertion is good for both of us.

    Jeff Casemier

  2. Happy Birthday! This year, I am making outdoor activity more of a priority. We are going to the park and running short distances at the park as a family, before we play ball or whatever. My son and daughter (6 & 9) are enjoying it, and it's a fun way to start the time we spend together. I plan to keep up with my fitness program, too! I lost over 20 pounds in the last two years, and am trying to maintain, so I'll be healthy and active for many years to come, too!

  3. Chris,
    Happy birthday, young man. At 49, I’m past the fatherhood stage and progressing (later this year) into the role of grandfather.

    In order to help me in this next phase I have established some very specific goals with respect to training, bodyfat percentage, heart rate and nutrition. I’d like to live long enough (and healthfully enough) to see my grandchildren have children.

    Once again, God bless you and your family and happy birthday.

  4. Happy B-day Chris… Having a fitness charged son focused on his high school sports, coupled with your blogging encouragement equals no where to go but up in 2009. My son has already designed a good daily workout routine for me, so it looks like we are doing some good things together this year.

  5. I have been working out for the past 6 months with suggestions from you Chris. This year, I plan to stay on course and have less excuses to not workout. However, the primary goal is to involve my son in my workouts. He is riding his Smart Cycle Education game as I ride my bike. He is doing stretches and things as I am working out. I am trying to teach by example that excise is an important part of life in 2009.

  6. I am a grandpa but my grandson’s father – is a no show. So since I take the place of his father . . .

    To keep up with Cody – who is now 5 years old and runs everywhere he goes – I either run outside – or run on the treadmill with it raised as high as it goes – 4 times a week. I do it for 20 minutes at a time as I do the sprinting workouts.

    Cody and I sled ride in the winter so the walks up the hill certainly helps. We ride bikes together in the nice weather and we also run trails. It starts as a hike thru the woods but he loves to run and jump branches and such.

    He spends Tuesday nights and sometimes more with us and stays overnight on Friday nights and we are together on Saturday. We box and wrestle regularly. He also likes me to chase him around the foyer – over and over again. So we run hard – then he dives on his grandma – then takes off again. Outstanding exercise.

    I do strength training 3 times a week – Perfect Pushups – chinups – dumbbell training for the arms. My grandson admires my strength so it’s important to keep it up.

    I feel it’s my job to make sure he is tough and active and he is. Regular exercise is a must for me and the exercise we get together is just icing on the cake.

  7. Hi,

    In 2009, I'm doing WiiFit workouts and am back on my Weight Watchers-inspired diet to lose 20 pounds.

    I'm also trying to guide my sons into healthier eating. The older one would be happy if we served pizza and PB&Js every night. Trying to get him to eat healthier foods by introducing them as tasty, not healthy. Also, getting him to watch Good Eats with me as a strategy to expand his culinary horizons.

  8. So happy birthday, I am not a dad, but I make sure my husband is following your rules and we both get your post. We have changed to organic butter, coffee, cheese and yogurt in our house. He is getting rid of old suites and slowly replacing them (zen lifestyle). Every breakfast contains protein (which used to only be carbs). He is working out at night after the girls are in bed and he has prepared the snowboard this weekend to join me and the girls at the ski hill. This is a big task as not growing up around snow this is wayyy out of his comfort zone.

  9. __________________________________________________________________
    The Monday Morning Motivator

    Jan 26, 2009 (Your birthday)

    Good Monday morning,

    Well, it is the last Monday in January. How is your New Years resolution coming along? Are you in better physical health? Are you working out 3 times per week as promised ? Have you started on your journey to make that change in your life for 2009? Or, have you have fallen off the wagon with regards to your desire for change?

    This week’s podcast is with Jean-Luc Boissonneault, founder of Free Form Fitness, and author of Abs on the Go. He has invested many years uncovering how to truly help people achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals, even when they aren’t New Year’s resolutions. What he discovered is that “long-term change has to be grounded in three principles – a clear and compelling reason, a smart plan and great support around you”.

    Looking to get your career in shape in 2009? Think about these 3 principles and how they apply to your desire for healthy change in your life


    I would say that following the 3+1 principle (reason,plan,support,good coach) given in the podcast above along with using “The FitandBusyDad” training methods will make for a better and healthier dad…


  10. Happy B-Day Chris…and thanks for the great blog.

    My goal in 2009 is to be a better example for my kids – to lead by example. That means leading an active, healthy lifestyle, making better choices with nutrition and always making time for family.

    I think I do all those things now but I believe you can always do better and I need to be more aware of showing my children the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

    Be well…

  11. Happy Birthday. This year I am pulling it all together. By it, I mean the final business plan for my fitness franchise designed to help average people become more active and fit and ultimately achieve their goals as well. This has been a work in progress for a couple years and I’ve finally committed to completing the business plan by February 15th 2009. I will also be hitting my goals of personal fitness by April 1st 2009 of being 200 Lbs and being able to do 100 pushups (amongst other goals). This has forced me to be dedicated to my daily workouts which in turn has given me more energy to play with my 4 children and do the things like making them fly above my head, which before I could not do. I feel more energy and life when I am committed to a business goal and physical goals and I can see the effect on my family in a positive way as well. I know that I am commiting to the pain of discipline in myself this year because I do not want the pain of regret. Everyone says this is their year on New Years Eve, and I am doing much more than just saying it, I’m making it my year and I’m doing it all for my children and my family and myself. Have a great 2009 and a great birthday!

    Tom Anderson

  12. Chris, I’m not a dad but I am busy. I’m the live-in caregiver for my elderly ill parents. My mom has Rheumatoid arthritis and my dad has dementia. My brother also lived with us until 2 weeks ago when he passed away due to complications from alcoholism. In the midst of all this stress I have managed to lose 160 pounds over the last 14 months. I did it the old fashioned way…no tricks, gimmics, or surgery. I used faith, accountability, personal responsibility, and hard work. I’m 52 years old and I watched my brother destroy his life and pass away at the age of 47. He also did a lot of damage to our family as alcoholics tend to do. It is my hope to use this tragedy to inspire many others who find themselves in a similar situation. I will send you before and after photos in a reply email I received from you. I hope you get to see them. All I want to do now is tone up a bit and your tips have been a great help. Thanks, Steve Hosaflook…Warren, Ohio

  13. Happy Birthday Chris! My Birthday is tomorrow as a matter of fact January 27th…so I can definitely relate to your inner drives and motives here.

    Plus I would love a free flip phone!


    3 things I’m going to concentrate on coming into 2009:

    #1. 3 words: Keep the balance. Balance is everything. Family, Work, Workouts…the whole deal. Being a father of 2 twin pre schoolers and a 1 year old isn’t easy since 2004 and before that. I’ve been asked: “How do you keep up?”…well, starting off, I didn’t. I blew up to 225 lbs (maybe more) at the time my twins were born. I focused too much on family and work and not anything else.

    #2. Make the time. If you can sacrifice 45 minutes in a gym…you can sacrifice 45 minutes or more with your kid’s homework, at the dinner table, at the park, reading them a story at night or just plain teaching them the facts of everyday life to a point that they would understand. We’re all busy but I don’t believe there isn’t time for everything in life. If family gets in the way of your workouts…do your workouts in the morning or when they are tucked in bed.

    #3 Focus on quality and not quantity with your family and your workouts…and everything in general.

    In everything you do, make it worthwhile. Savor those little moments with them…it doesn’t have to be in the form or a trip to Disneyland or what have you. Give them a hug everyday…make them feel special. Your family yearns that from you. I remember going to a volleyball game just the other night and you can just see in their eyes who they look up to. Make them proud that you are their dad and live by example that healthy habits are a good thing and not all about a trip to Chuck E Cheese running around with a pizza in their hand. Introduce them to healthier eating habits such as an apple or a banana. HIt them when their young and they’ll carry those good habits when they get older.

    To recap:

    – Find the balance, make the time, and make every minute of your life “worth it.”.

  14. Ever since I found out my first born would be arriving in March I decided now was the time to abandon my decade long diet of chili cheese fries, beer and chicken fried steak. I knew I had dietary issues when my friends and I would enter into hour long conversations on which drive thru’s fried chicken sandwhich was the best.

    I have always lost motivation for diet and workouts pretty quickly, but the motivation of being a healthy example to my little girl and being around long enough to see her grow into an adult got my ass in gear.

    My wife and I decreased our fast food intake, red meat meals, and added more veggie and fruit servings per day.

    Since we’re spedning like drunken sailors on baby stuff and our budget is tight, I googled “prision workout” and found a lot of great resources on working out at home without having to buy expensive equipment.

    When I first started this a couple of months ago I was 195lbs, 30lbs heavier than I should be. I’m down to 175 now and only 10lbs within my goal!

    I guess the biggest hurdle was making time to work out. I was working out at night but the pregnant one got upset and thought I didn’t want to be around her (thank you pregnancy hormones). So I wake up at 5 now instead of 7 and workout then. It also allows me time to make a healthy breakfast.

    Great post and awesome site! I just found it!

  15. Guys,
    This is some really deep inspirational stuff. Keep it up and keep striving to be a better and fitter dad. I’m loving how most of you are having your kids join along in your workouts. That’s the kind of example I’m talking about!

    Chris Lopez

  16. First of all: Happy Birthday !!
    And all I’m doin’ in 2009 is tryin’ to BECOME a dad and I think it’s one of the best workouts out there !! :))

  17. Hello Chris, I am the father of 11 children (8 daughters) with 7 grandchildren. I can relate to being busy. I have been inspired by your site, blog and work. In recent years I have not taken the best care of myself and am now making up for lost time. I am 54 years old. I am 35 pounds overweight, a little out of shape, and trying to eat well. I work outdoors, play outdoors, and now work out 4 days a week including cardio. I have been motivated by the Neptune statue on the boardwalk at Va Beach. I have told family and friends that I will look like that by the summer of 2009. I am now accountable. Keep up the good work. People are watching and benefiting from it. Happy Birthday! Regards, Ellis

  18. Happy B-day! As a fellow “busy dad” I am going to keep this simple. I am making 2009 my year. I have just became a NSCA-CPT, started my own business, and as a result of this I am in the best shape of my life. Because who wants a out of shape personal trainer. I still read my kids their bedtime stories every night. My wife has to beg the kids to let her read to them. I still make one night a week “movie night” were we sit down and watch a movie together among many other little things. Gotta go.

  19. Hi Chris,

    Happy Birthday!

    One of the things that has kept me back from many sporting activities in my life is my ::blush:: ‘man-boobs’

    But this year I have swallowed my pride and I am taking my wife and son to the local pool here to teach them how to swim.

    Take care,

  20. As Mom AND Dad to my three boys (12, 10, and 7), I have consistently been setting an excellent fitness example for them — mostly so I can keep up with their boundless energy!! My goal for 2009 is to now invest more time in helping the kids make physical activity a priority. We’re doing some yoga and meditation together, and get out to play in the snow (OK, we WILL if the temperature ever gets above 25!!!), and they’ve just purchased “wii Fit”. Two of them have already completed their morning jog!

  21. Happy birthday Chris,
    I am the father of 2 beautiful daughters ages 4 & 1. In 2009, I will be going back to school to become a Doctor of Chiropractic. In order to allow my wife to continue being a stay-at-home-mom, I am in the process of starting my own internet business. My goal is for my business to allow us to live comfortably while I am in school for the next 3 years.

    I am determined to spend time with my children during these next 3 years. I want them to know I will be there for them no matter how busy I may get.

    My 4 year old already shares my enthusiasm for working out. She can do pretty good jumping jacks, squats, lunges, and pushups with me at home. She also loves to tumble. One of my goals is to be able to afford for her to start gymnastics in the fall.


  22. First, Happy Birthday!

    Let’s see…

    In terms of exercise and eating right, I WANT to get back to my “fightin weight” of 155. And that’s as far as I have gotten. They say desire is the first step. Right?

    Being a good dad? My goal is to not fall asleep before my kid does when I’m reading him his bedtime book. And this is not just a one-time thing. I have fallen asleep multiple times and waken up with him totally busting on me that I passed out as I was reading to him. A for effort?

    Serving as an example… I bust my ass daily to wake up, make sure he’s good for the day, brave an hour of freeway traffic, put in 8 hours at the office, brave another hour + of traffic jam, come home and try to make like the coolest most fun thing I could be doing right that second is fixing his Lego Droid Gunship. that’s gotta count for something!!

    I’m not looking to win any prizes. Just a shout out for being a dad who makes time for what counts in life: your family’s well being and your kids’ laughter (I guess even if it’s at my expense).

  23. Great way to celebrate your birthday Chris!
    With two daughters very involved in rep hockey and soccer, so much of my time is spent driving and organizing their lives that I have completely fallen off the exercise wagon. Frankly I’m getting tired of feeling so tired and crappy that in 2009 I’m turning to the Fit and Busy Dad system to help me get back on track. Shorter workouts in my own home – sounds like a winner. Can’t wait to get started!

  24. I'm not a dad (or a mom) but I am an aunt who wants to express her appreciation of your emphasis on fatherhood & parenting. An older friend mentioned to me just yesterday a book that has challenged him in his GRANDparenting:

    Extreme Grandparenting, by Dr. Tim & Darcy Himmel

    You might want to check it out for ideas for your older clients. Although I have not read it, it comes well-recommended from someone I respect. My understanding is that it's written from a Christian perspective but not limited to spiritual matters.

    Again, thanks for sounding the call for men to be better and more involved fathers. That's what kids need.

    Melissa Hawley

  25. Happy (Belated) Birthday, Chris! I’ll be celebrating the “28th anniversary of MY 32nd birthday” this coming August!

    Here’s my story: Two years ago I had a scare when a benign tumor the size of a small Nerf football was removed from under my right lung. Ever since then, I’ve decided that life is too short to leave it to luck and you need to make every day count…especially if you have a family that’s counting on you. ( You gotta kiss your wife and your kids and tell ’em all how much you love them everyday)

    To that end, in an effort to confuse Father Time and all of his nasty buddies, I started hitting the gym regularly and in October of 2008 I began training doing Thai boxing. My goal by August is to be the oldest baddass in the class with a mean left hook and a chop kick that would take your leg out..(getting there…)

    I’ve also made the acquaintance of “Maniac” Mikez from STBF and his enthusiasm has taken my pitiful workouts to another level.

    By August I expect to be able to crank out 60 push-ups, run a 9 minute mile, and weigh 199lbs with ~10% bodyfat.

    Great blog, Chris!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Chris:

    You’re only 9 months ahead of me in age, but clearly years ahead in your dad experience. My wife and I expect our first child (a girl!) to enter the world on or around March 24th.

    The last seven months have been an incredible time of growth and change. I’ve understood the baby-making process for years, but only recently began to consider the incredible difference between being a father (which most of us are physically capable of) and being a dad (which few of us are emotionally prepared for).

    In the next 53 days and over the next year, I have committed to a motto and balance of “work. play. do good” in all areas of my life.

    For the first 28 years of my life (prior to marriage), I lived in the “work” corner of the triangle. I accomplished nearly all of my professional goals, but relaxed rarely and did very little to improve my world.

    In the last 3 years (blessed with a teacher as a wife), I have found a heart for community service. I have received great satisfaction from the community service and pro bono projects I have been involved in. It’s tremendous being part of something bigger than yourself. Unfortunately, between “work” and “do good”, I had begun to feel like I had lost the joy in small things.

    What a tremendous time to be blessed with a first child! What an opportunity to start over in the “play” portions of life! I feel like I’m being blessed with new eyes and a chance to start over.

    My commitment to health is the same. My weight has always been a struggle. I could be successful for a brief period of time by focusing on the “work”, but because there was no “play” or “do good” involved I would quickly burnout and lose interest.

    In this new year and with my new eyes, I plan to regain balance in my health. I want to get to the point where I can go for a walk with my wife (who is a runner and exercise fanatic) and not be winded. I want to be able to play with my daughter without struggling. I want to shovel the neighbor’s driveway without risking a heart attack. Most importantly, I want to be certain that I’m around to see her grow up and be a proper role model for the balance that she can attain.

    I have a long way to go. If I’m being honest, I should lose over 100 pounds. My goal is to reach that 100 pound loss by her first birthday. This gives me about 14 months. With some focus AND some balance, I believe I can accomplish that.


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