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Business Trip Fat Loss Tips…It Sucks Being Away

It’s my second night away from my family. I’m in Stamford, CT until Sunday for some business meetings.

I just spoke to the kids on the phone – AJ had a soccer game today and has a tournament on the weekend that I’m going to miss; Joey told me about how she’s bringing some yellow watermellon to school tomorrow for her friends tomorrow; Frankie isn’t feeling well and threw-up; Mikey’s had a couple of sleepless nights.

It’s a tough thing being away from home feeling like you’re missing out. I was speaking to my new friend, Mike Roussell from Warp Speed Fat Loss, and he was telling me that he’s got 6-week-old twins at home with his wife. I can’t even imagine how he feels

But like many of us, it’s something that we have to do sometimes. It’s tough leaving them at home.

So, when I’m on the road on these business trips I try to make it feel like home as best I can.

First, I make sure that I talk to or Skype the girls to say goodnight and I have this picture on my desktop so that I have a I can wake-up with my family smiling at me…

Second, I try to keep my nutrition in check by eating as much fresh fruit and vegetables as I can. I avoid all fried food and dessert. And at each meal I make sure to have a lean source of protein.

For example, for dinner tonight I just had generous Arctic Char fillet over steamed greens with a little bit of soy sauce.

Third, I don’t deviate from my workouts. I brought my ab wheel and my LifeLine Jungle Gym, so I got a great workout in this morning before my shower…

1) Bodyweight Warm-Up of Squats, Push-ups, Lunges & Stick-Ups

2a) Chin-ups – 15, 10, 7
2b) Bulgarian Split Squats* – 15, 15, 10 per leg
2c) Ab Wheel – 3 x 15

3) Ab Circuit – Plank x 2mins, Side Plank x 45s/side, Hip Brindge x 3min, Prone Cobra x 3min

*(The Bulgarian Split Squats were especially helpful for stretching my already tight hip flexors. Because we were sitting all day, my hips can use all the help they can get.)

Finally (and this trick helps out a huge amount while I’m away), I go to the local convenience store and I buy a case of water. It’s amazing how dehydrated I get when I’m out of town (I don’t know if it’s because I just don’t think to drink water or I’m drinking too much coffee). I bought 3 x 1 gallon jugs of water last night and am already through 2 of them!

So even though I’m out of town, I can stay on track and keep my energy levels high and my body fat levels low by implementing some easy-to-follow strategies.

Bless my wife for being at home taking care of our 4 kids.

I can’t wait to get back and see everyone’s smiling faces when they pick me up from the airport.

The FitAndBusyDad

P.S. Use The FitAndBusyDad System and don’t let yourself deviate from your daily, healthy everyday routine.


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