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Day 4 Video And My Futrue Hollywood Star

I’m sitting at the car dealership this morning waiting for service to get done on my car.

It’s been a fun morning. (Literally. I’m not being sarcastic this time.)

I got up at the usual 5am this morning to get some project work done. As I was finishing my first article of the morning, I hear the pitter-patter of feet running to the bathroom, giggling and then running back to her room. Then, tiptoeing in stealth, ninja-like fashion, I hear someone slowly creep down the stairs.

“It’s my birthday today”, she whispers.

“Are you sure”, I say.

“Yes. I counted my sleeps and the sun is up and now it’s morning, so today is my birthday. I’m 4 now, so you have to do everything I say today!”

So today is Frankie’s (my #3 daughter) 4th birthday.

We affectionately call her “Sparkles” or “Frankie Goes To Hollywood” or “Frankie From NYC” or, her latest nickname “The Meal Ticket”.

See, this kid’s different. My oldest, AJ, seems to be the jock. My 2nd daughter Joey is somewhat shy, but is an intellectual marvel. Mikey, the baby, we can’t quite figure out yet. But Frankie… well let’s just say that she memorized the lyrics and dance moves to “Boom, Boom, POW” by the Black Eyed Peas 2 days after the song was released.

(****As an aside: I don’t label my kids or pigeon hole them into certain roles in our family. My wife and I just believe in driving them towards their strengths and what they’re comfortable with at any given point in time in their lives. AJ’s shown a propensity to sport, Joey is picking up a 2nd language right now like she putting her socks on and well, Frankie…Frankie believes that they will re-do the movie High School Musical and cast her as “Gabriella”. That just the way we roll in our house.)

Happy Birthday, Frankie!!!!

Here’s the last installment of June’s program for Busy Dads…

Have a great weekend and make sure you check back on Monday for a special announcement!

Chris, The FitandBusyDad


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