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Exercise of the Week: The Pistol

I remember when I first started getting interested in bodyweight training.

I was a young athlete growing up in Markham, Ontario, and witnessed my high school PE teacher/volleyball coach, John Spicer do push-ups. John is not a big guy. But, man, was this guy was an athlete! He was about 5’8″ and probably 155lbs at the time, but boasted a vertical jump of about 40″!!!

One day after class, “Spice” as he liked to be called, was working out. While all the football guys were taking over the weight room, Spice was off in a corner doing some bodyweight stuff…push-ups, chin-ups off the basketball rim and some squat jumps. Pound for pound, I bet he was the strongest guy in my high school.

Watching him do all that stuff, I think, was an “A-HA” moment for me because it sparked my interest not only in bodyweight training, but TRAINING for PERFORMANCE.

So today’s EOTW is dedicated to Mr. John Spicer, my old PE teacher and the man responsible for me taking an interest (and eventually a career) in STRENGTH and CONDITIONING.

The Pistol (or 1-Leg Squat)

The Pistol is one of the hardest exercises to master. It incorporates balance, strength & flexibility all into one exercise. It has a high carryover to sport performance because of the demands that it places on your single working leg (how many sports do you know that are played while 2 feet are on the ground at the same time?)

? Standing on your right leg, brace your abdominals and in a controlled manner, descend into a squat bringing your butt to your calves
? Push your right heel into the ground and maintain your balance as you bring yourself back up to the standing position

? If you are a beginner or If flexibility or strength is an issue, try the ASSISTED VERSION?.
o Stand inside a door frame with your right toe right against one side of the frame. With both hands, grab the edges of the frame in front of you. Brace your abs and push your hips back as you descend into a squat
o Push your right heel into the ground and maintain your balance as you bring yourself back up to the standing position using your grip on the door frame for assistance
o *You can also use BLAST STRAPS? to help assist you with this movement (see picture)

-CL, The FitAndBusyDad

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