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Happy 5th Birthday Joey

Today (May 22nd) marks the birthday of #2 daughter. The spunky, tell-you-what-she-thinks-of-you, quietly confident, little genius we named Joey.

So, here’s to 2-dozen pink cupcakes with red, pink & white heart sprinkles baked at 2:30am.

Here’s to the pink feathery boa that we bought you to wear all day on your special day (knowing that you’ll be wearing this boa everyday for the next couple of weeks until the last pink feather falls off).

Here’s to my chin-up partner who weighs an extra 45lbs and sits on my calves and holds my waist while I pull myself up to “make daddy stronger” (stay tuned for the video!).

Here’s to not giving daddy a good morning kiss until he brushes his teeth because he has “dragon breath”.

Here’s to smelling “something so yummy” as you come down the stairs every Sunday morning when daddy makes challa French toast with bacon & maple syrup.

Here’s to the new Indiana Jones movie birthday party that you wanted to have but couldn’t because all of your friends parents thought it would be too “frightening” for their kids to watch (don’t worry, mommy and I are taking you to see it on Saturday).

Here’s to you JoJo. Happy Birthday, baby. Daddy loves you.


P.S. Back to the “fitness stuff” tomorrow.

P.P.S. Happy 34th to my good buddy JB as well!


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