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Chris Lopez

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Today’s a special day in the house of Lopez.

This afternoon we go to the hospital for that very special ultra-sound to see the new baby for the first time.? For those of you who are parents already, you may be thinking “Big Deal”?? Well, not this time around…

See, being the father of 4 girls, and being the only male in a highly ESTROGENIC house, I can only hope that our “final addition” will be a boy.? Don’t get me wrong, as long as he/she is healthy is all that matters, but I need someone else in this house who can pee standing up.

Someone who can share the blame of leaving the toilet seat up every now and then.

Someone who I can have belching contests with that isn’t a sassy-4-year-old with the nickname “Sparkles”.

Having a boy this time around would mean a lot to me.

For one, it’s about namesake.? My brother and I are the last of the Lopez name.? And even though he’s the best chance of carrying on our name, he’s nowhere close to getting married or having kids.

Second, I think I would raise a “good man”.? I strive everyday to be a hero in my daughter’s lives.? It’s my job to set the bar high and for them to know that they don’t have to settle for the first “joe schmoe” that comes knockin’.? By me being there as often as I am and sharing the child rearing and household duties (almost) equally with my wife, my girls have come to expect daddy to deliver consistently.

Without adding any pressure to “him”, I would teach my son the same responsibility and lead by example showing him what a REAL MAN is all about – strength, honesty, confidence, perseverance, determination and the ability to (clog and then) unclog a toilet like no other.

It’s a tall order, raising kids is.? But I’m up for the challenge (obviously).

That said, I’m really looking forward to later in the summer when my kids can play in our new backyard which will hopefully double as an outdoor gym.? Here’s our progress so far…

Enjoy Your Day!

The FitAndBusyDad

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