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How to get 6-Pack-Abs….That Actually Work

The gym that I train at here in Toronto doesn’t have any foam rollers. So, prior to my squat and deadlift workouts, I have to head over to the “abs & stretching” area of the gym to use a medicine ball to knead out my glutes & IT bands.

Without fail, every time I get to the open floor area, I’ve got to step over or around some poor trainee trying to chase his abs by doing crunches (or even worse, sit-ups) until he “feels the burn” – what is this, 1983?

If only he knew that there was a better way to get those six-pack-abs and burn fat that is actually safer, less boring and more effective.

I wish I could have told him to use big, bang-for-your-buck exercises like squats, deads, lunges, chins, rows & dips that require more abdominal work than your average crunch or sit-up.

I wish I could have told him that his 6-pack will come a lot faster if he were to limit his sugar intake and eliminate all junk food and just focus on eating fruits, vegetables, lean protein & healthy fats.

I wish I could have told him to make sure he gets enough rest and manage his stress to reduce the amount of cortisol (a belly fat loving hormone) he produces.

I wish I could have told him all those things, but I made a pact to myself never to give advice to another trainer (yes, he was a trainer that works in the gym that I go to) unless I actually know him or unless he asks….long story short, the last time I “made a suggestion” to another trainer, I almost got my a$ kicked because he thought I was being arrogant.

So, in dedication to all crunch-happy gym-goers who are in search of that “burn”, here is a great ab exercise circuit “finisher” that I did on Friday after my squat workout.

It’s called a “finisher” because…

1. You should always do your ab exercises at the end of your training session and

2. After you do a few of rounds of this circuit, you will be “finished”.

Make sure to give this one a try and let me know how you feel tomorrow! If you do this right, I guarantee you’ll be so sore that it’ll hurt to cough.

FitAndBusyDad Intermediate Ab Finisher

1a. Ab-Wheel Roll Outs x 15

1b. Lower Ab Reverse Curl x 15

1c. X-body Climbers x 20 total

Repeat the above circuit 3 times with NO REST between exercises, then finish with…

2. 100 x KB or Dumbbell Swings (Complete the swings in as minimal sets as possible resting 45s between sets…remember to brace your abs HARD on these)

This circuit should take you about 6-8 minutes to finish and uses so many muscles that it could be considered a workout by itself!

Tack this onto the end of one of your FitAndBusyDad workouts and you’ll be shedding the fat and getting 6-pack-abs that work in no time.

The FitAndBusyDad

P.S. Stop wasting your time with useless crunches and sit-ups. Stop buying $50 ab-gadgets. Stop looking for the magic bullet. Work hard, train hard, eat REAL FOOD – and use FitAndBusyDad Workouts!

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5 thoughts on “How to get 6-Pack-Abs….That Actually Work”

  1. Hi Chris, this is a great post with a very clear message. I think we just have to keep driving this home. The more I clean up my eating the leaner I get, and I love your ab circuit. It’s amazing how much you can feel your abs on kettlebell swings, especially at the end of a circuit like that!

  2. So true, Kelley. People need to realize that you’re more likely to see your abs if you clean up your lifestyle rather than work out more.
    KB swing are, by far, my favorite exercise!


  3. Hey Chris, I tried this today and it rocks! The kettlebell swings at the end are the total FINISHER, I was wiped!!

  4. @Deb…Hilarious Pic, huh? How are things with you these days, Deb? Taking action on things, I hope!?!

    @MikeG…Great job, Mike. I’ve gotten a few emails about the circuit so I’ll try my best to post another one next week for you to try.


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