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How to Lose Your Abs in 7 Days

So I’m sitting here back at my desk in Toronto. I just finished a great vacation with the family in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic…lots of quality time, sun, heat and questionable food. I left home relatively lean with visible abs, and came back with a bit of a paunch belly!

Why? Well, let’s talk about what I did right first. Over the 6-day vacation, I trained 4 days, not really doing anything incredibly structured. I did variations of different bodyweight exercises (dips, chins, push-ups and pistols). I got at least 7 hours of sleep every night (I don’t think that’s happened since college). I took my friend Brad Pilon’s advice and fasted on our traveling/airport days. And I didn’t have a single cup of coffee (which is huge because I had just bought my own espresso machine and was drinking double shots like it was going out of style!).

What didn’t go right was the food situation. Breakfast was alright with lots of fresh tropical fruit and an omellette station every morning. So at least I got to start my day off well. But any meal after that was a disaster. From rubberized chicken to fish that looked and tasted the same but was labelled as grouper on Monday, mahi-mahi on Tuesday and king fish on Wednesday all fried and doused in unknown sauces. There was beef that was swimming in gravy and vegetables that looked like they were soaking in butter for a few nights (and I love butter, but not when your cauliflower doesn’t taste like cauliflower anymore.) When I asked for some steamed broccoli they looked at me like I was insane.

And then it got really bad. I think I may have swallowed some water while I was showering one day and it was over for me. I had to find a beach chair relatively close to our room because I was running to the bathroom every 2 hours (a form of interval training, I guess?). My belly blew up swollen like a hot air balloon (good-bye abs) and I couldn’t stomach a thing. I spent the rest of the vacation drinking water.

So now I’m home, well-rested and ready to take on the summer. I’m going to spend the summer getting my abs back and getting stronger. I was able to do quite a bit of work (I put the final touches of the book that I’ve been working on and filmed a couple of youtube videos that will be up for you this week). All-in-all it was a much needed “reset” from everyday city living.

Glad to be home,

P.S. My first YouTube video goes up tomorrow, so stay tuned!


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