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Chris Lopez

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I Was a Little Overwhelmed, but now I’m Back….and in Full Effect

Ever feel like your plate couldn’t get any more full than it already is. Like there’s no room left on the bench because of a fat guy with a ukulele? Well, that was me for about 3 weeks, but, after a brief hiatus from blogging, training and basically living a normal life, I survived, I’m stronger and now I’m back.

It’s been a rough few weeks – I had the flu, the kids got sick, my wife got sick and worst of all, my dad suffered a heart attack (last week) and underwent a quadruple by-pass (on Monday). He’s up and recovering now and will hopefully be home for Christmas!

So I’m going to make an attempt at a light workout tomorrow and I’m busy planning for a successful 2008! Here’s what’s in-store…

-I’m putting the final touches on a bonus that I’m doing for my friend Craig Ballantyne from

-I’m in the process of compiling my list of the TOP 10 THINGS I LEARNED IN 2007 and that will be up next week. It’s a combination of training, rehab and general lifestyle enlightenments that I’m sure will help everyone in some way (if not for just pure entertainment)

-In late November I started working with a TEST GROUP of individuals to test a new training program based on my own short, intense 20-minute workouts. Due to the responsibilities that I mentioned above, I had to put this on hold. Well, it’ll be back up and running Jan 1, so stay tuned for some amazing B & A’s.

-Finally, and the most exciting of all, I will be launching my first e-book based on the workouts mentioned above. It’s taken a lot of work and dedication to complete, but it’s just about ready and will be set to launch by late February/early March, SO STAY TUNED!

So that’s it for now. Keep a lookout for the top 10 list coming next week. Until then, here’s wishing you and yours a very Happy and Healthy Holiday Season!

-Chris Lopez
The Busiest Dad in the World


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