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June 2009 Workout – Day 2

It’s been a dreary past few days here in Toronto. It’s been cold and rainy…feels more like fall than it does spring.

Nonetheless, it’s June and we’ve only got 31 days left until the July long weekend (Canada Day for my fellow Canadians, 4th of July for our American friends).

I’m putting together a full month’s worth of FitAndBusyDad Workouts for you guys to do and get yourself in gear over the next 4 weeks (that’s 4 workouts per week for 4 weeks…not 30 days of new workouts, sorry!). If you missed yesterday’s workout, you can find it HERE.

=> FitAndBusyDad June Fat Loss Stimulus Package – Day 1

Have you written your GOALS down yet? Have you made 3 copies and put one copy each on your fridge, your dashboard and in your wallet?

If not, why not? Make sure you do it today!

Today, we’ve got a bodyweight based workout that will get your heart rate up and get your blood pumping. It’s the perfect compliment to yesterday’s strength/resistance based workout.

The beauty of bodyweight training is that it can be done ANYWHERE. At the park, in your basement, in the living room, at the office. All you need is an 8 x 8 area and the drive to work hard and get it done.

Our workout schedule for this week looks like this…

Monday – Strength Workout 1
Tuesday (today) – Bodyweight Workout 1 (see below)
Wednesday – optional foam rolling/mobility or DAY OFF
Thursday – Strength Workout 2
Friday – Bodyweight Workout 2
Saturday/Sunday – Active Family Lifestyle Days!!!

I filmed today’s workout in the park with Joey (she’s on the swing in the background) and AJ (she’s holding the camera). I love doing anything active or exercise related and having my kids around to watch or to participate. I think that is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing to having an active family lifestyle – having your kids witness you and your healthy and active habits. Kids learn more through example than they do through verbal instruction.

Here’s today’s bodyweight circuit…

Enjoy your day and workout!



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