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Just When I Thought Things Were Starting to Get Back To Normal…

This past Friday night while the kids were asleep and while my wife was at her weekly soccer game, I was sitting on the couch working diligently on some new projects that I’ve got on the go.

Around 10:30 the phone rings and it’s Rozanne (my wife).

“So some girl tripped me and I heard 2 ‘pops’ as I fell to the ground. I’m sitting here on the bench. I think I broke something. Should I go to the ER?”

My first reaction was, “Ashton Kutcher must be on the line because I’m getting Punk’d”.

And when I realized that this was no joke, my second reaction was “How the hell am I supposed to wake up 4 kids, bundle them up for -25 degree weather and pack them up into the minivan for a fun Friday night trip to the ER?”

Luckily, a friend of hers was kind enough to take her to the hospital.

About 4 hours later she comes home sporting the latest in hospital casting and aluminum crutches.

We’re waiting on the final word, but it looks like she’ll be 6-8 weeks in a cast and then another 4-6 on rehab.

So that’ll be 12-weeks that I’ll be on double duty running a tight ship.

I’ve got volleyball practices to get AJ to, art classes for Joey and ballet classes for Frankie – all the while taking our most “clingiest” child, Mikey, along for the ride.

This operation has to be done with military like precision and it all started yesterday as I was whipping the girls into shape and getting things in order. Just look at the synchronization…

Just kidding. I don’t really run a bootcamp in my house.

But now more than ever do I really need to make sure my morning and evening routines are “tight” and even more so…my workouts NEED to stay consistent.

In a situation like this, knowing myself, stress can really take over. The way to combat that is by trying to make things as routine and as normal as I possibly can for the rest of the family.

Sure, I may not get 7-8 hours of sleep every night. But as long as I control what goes into my body and keep my energy levels up with consistent workouts, all should be well.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned through all of this, it’s that my wife is stronger than I thought.

Her words, “I’ve been through labor 4 times, what’s a couple of broken bones and a severed tendon?”

My hero.

-CL, the FitAndBusyDad

P.S. Tendons may be torn and bones may be broken, but that’s not going to stop me from unleashing THE BIGGEST FitAndBusyDad Promotion yet…for my 32nd birthday next Monday…so STAY TUNED!


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