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Make 2008 YOUR Best Year! Part 2

By now, most of you should be well into your New Year’s routines of eating well, exercising and forming other new and healthy habits that will help you achieve success in ’08. So without further delay, here my Top 5 Things You Can Do To Make 2008 YOUR Year…

5. DON’T RE-INVENT THE WHEEL. If there is someone out there who has accomplished what you want to accomplish, done what you’ve dreamed about doing and is making the money you want to make, then find out how they did it and replicate that process. Or better yet, ask them to be your mentor and have them show you how to do it. There’s no point in going through all the struggles by yourself in an effort to be successful. It’s like going on Safari in the African Wild without a tour guide. The chances of your getting eaten by a lion is less likely if you’ve got someone there I learned this at a seminar that I attended this past November in Palm Beach.

4. LESS IS MORE. I’ve preached this (and so have a bunch of my colleagues) and it applies to everything. Your workouts, your possessions, your business. Use Pareto’s Law – the 80-20 rule. 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts. 80% of your sales, come from 20% of your clients. Find out where the dead weight is and cut it out. Make things easier by simplifying. Two great books that have helped me try to simplify things in my life are The 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss and Simple-ology by Mark Joyner.

3. Build your own HOME GYM. No, don’t drop 10G’s on a complete renovation, a customized lifting platform and sauna (although if I had the $$$, the time and the space that’s what I’d do). But for a fraction of the price you can have a half decent set-up. My “home gym” will never take place of where I train. But for days when I’m stuck, this set-up will do. Go out and get a door gym, a stability ball, a kettlebell of a relatively challenging weight and yoga mat. That’s it. I’ll drop some good workouts over the next few weeks on how to use just those 4 pieces of equipment.

2. Try 24-HOUR-FASTING. I previously wrote about this HERE. I started 24-hour fasts late in the year with amazing results. Pick-up a copy of Brad Pilon’s EAT-STOP-EAT and learn how incorporating 24-hour fasts into your week can help decrease body fat, increase mental awareness, increase growth hormone and help with overall hormone regulation.

1. COMMIT YOUR GOALS TO PAPER AND REVIEW THEM DAILY. I was using Brian Tracy’s method of writing my top 10 goals down every single day and say them to myself before I left the house (even if that meant reading them in the warming car on a cold Toronto winter’s morning). Now, I use Dax Moy’s Magic 100Click Here to get it now and kick start your year! system – 100 Goals in 100 Days. Sound scary? It is! But you have absolutely no idea how POWERFUL this system is. I just started my second Magic Hundred. I completed 73 of my first Magic 100. (Still need to learn how to surf in Maui and snowboard the French Alps). If there is one thing that you need to do this year, THIS IS IT!



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