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Oh, so close…I Love this time of Year

I was watching the Kansas-Davidson NCAA basketball tournament game yesterday afternoon and it made me appreciate a few things…

1. I survived yet another (and what was probably the worst yet) Toronto winter.

2. College basketball is still “pure” – guys play w/heart and leave everything on the floor, there aren’t any cry-babies or over inflated contracts

3. I’ve got great kids – My wife was at a bridal shower, so it was me and the 4 little ladies. I set AJ (9) and Joey (4) up with some crafts. Frankie (2) sat beside me on the couch w/my laptop and a set of ear buds watching a movie and Mikey (8-months) fell asleep on my lap. Unreal! I got to watch most of the game uninterrupted.

March Madness marks the beginning of spring for the Lopez household. So aside from purging all that we seemed to have collected over the winter, spring also means that it’s time to get outside.

We’re off to a wedding in the Dominican Republic in a few weeks so my fat loss efforts have accelerated. With the weather getting better, it feels good to be able to head out the door and get over to Riverdale Park to run some hills or pull the sled. Remember, nothing’s better for fat loss than running intervals (on a track, on a hill, pulling a sled).

So, instead of slogging it with a slow paced run, try sprinting up a hill a few times for some variety (just make sure you’re properly warmed-up. Stay consistent with it and you should be seeing your abs in no time!

Train smart, train hard.


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