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Q & A

Sorry for the week off blogging. I’ve been busy working my tail off getting ready for Father’s Day. This year’s Father’s Day will be a very special day for me. Intrigued? Read more in my first Q’n’A below…

Bodyweight Beginner
Q:Hello Chris,
After spending many years doing regular weight-training on and off I

recently shifted to bodyweight training since it?s a more flexible (timewise
and place) training form and more focus to build functional strength. Since,
I?m more or less a beginner of bodyweight training I would be very grateful
for any advice you might have to get me started with some training
suggestions or where to find more information.
With thanks,
-Stockholm, Sweeden

A: Per, thanks so much for your email. When starting out with bodyweight exercises (or any exercise, for that matter), I think the most important thing to develop first is isometric (holding a static position) ab strength and endurance. The ability to be able to hold your spine rigid while performing any exercise is paramount in developing strength (and a great looking 6-pack that actually works). Try doing this series for a couple of weeks to build that isometric endurance in your abs:

1a) Plank (work up to doing 2-minutes straight)
1b) Side Plank (work up to 1-minute per side)
1c) Superman (work up to 2-minutes)
1d) Supine Hip Bridge (work up to 2-minutes)

Give Me More, More, More!!!
Q: Hi,
I got your work
out through Craig Ballantyne TT Members site.
The Fit and Busy Dad workout is one of the best programs i’ve ever seen and tried.
I’m impressed….i’ve been following Crossfit WOD’s for a year now, which i love, and you seem to have created something here that is just as good.
Do you have any more programs available?
I visited but it is not yet up and running.
Any plans for the future?
-London, England

A: James, thanks for the kind words. I’m excited to announce that the much anticipated FitAndBusyDad Fat Loss System launches this Father’s Day – Sunday, June 15th, 2008! I’ll be doing a HUGE 3-day promo with bonuses from some of the industry’s top professionals including: Craig Ballantyne, Dax Moy, Vince DelMonte & Brad Pilon to name just a few.

Make sure to sign-up for my newsletter above and be notified of the launch.

I’ll also send you a copy of my FREE REPORT called…

“STOP WASTING YOUR TIME: 9 Things You Can Do NOW To Get More Out of Your TRAINING, Your TIME and Your LIFE!!!”

Stay Tuned. Let the countdown begin!!!



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2 thoughts on “Q & A”

  1. What are these exercises and where can I learn more about how they are correctly done?

    1a) Plank (work up to doing 2-minutes straight)
    1b) Side Plank (work up to 1-minute per side)
    1c) Superman (work up to 2-minutes)
    1d) Supine Hip Bridge (work up to 2-minutes)

  2. Hi maxwayne,

    go to and sign-up for my newsletter. with your sign-up you get access to a free fat-loss workout. these exercises (except for the supine hip bridge) are part of the “prep phase”. i’ll post something for the supine hip bridge on my blog this week.



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