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So I Broke My Daughter’s Nose…

…but I swear it wasn’t on purpose.

A couple of weekends ago (on Canadian Thanksgiving) we went on a family nature walk…just the 6 of us. We came to a clearing so AJ suggested that we play catch. So we took out our baseball gloves and started tossing the ball around. One missed pop-up later and AJ is on the ground cupping under her nose while the blood is pouring out.

Well today, we got it fixed. I took her to the hospital and the surgeon froze her face and cracked it back in place.

She’s a tough kid.

A few tears and a lot of surgical tape (to brace her now straight nose) later and she’s back to normal. So now, it’s 4 weeks until she gets to play sports again. That sucks for her because she’s just beginning both the indoor soccer season and volleyball season.

So what does she ask me in the car ride home from the hospital?

“Dad, I can’t play sports, but can I still do chin-ups and try to get stronger?”

So despite the broken nose, she wants to take the 4 weeks that she can’t participate in soccer, volleyball or even gym class, to get stronger.

I don’t know many adults who are ready to get back on the horse that quick!

My 10-year-old daughter just endured the freezing and numbing experience of her nose (with a big needle, I might add) and then witnessed a plastic surgeon “snap” her nose back in place and she’s asking me if she can do chin-ups.

I’m damn proud of her.

And I think a lesson can be learned…

No matter what life throws you, you can always try to find a silver lining. Try to take every negatively perceived experience and find the positive in it…just like what AJ did.

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5 thoughts on “So I Broke My Daughter’s Nose…”

  1. …and the other lesson is “you’re never going to live this down”.

    Sure, it slides by now, but wait ’till she asks you to buy her that cool new cell phone. 😉

  2. OH yeah, and I agree with Roger…

    It may not be this week, or this year…in fact, it could be ten years from now..but that picture WILL resurface, and you WILL be buying AJ the newest $6,000 Iphone 9.0


  3. Your daughter is a real trooper. Funny how kids can teach us so much, even when they’re the ones we feel who need the strength and support. I admire your openness to pick up on the lessons and pieces of wisdom that can be gained from this painful situation.

  4. Thanks for the comments, guys. She's recovering and the nose looks as good as new.

    Brad & Roger, you're right! She's already hinted on getting then new Guitar Hero for Christmas (and we don't even have a PlayStation 3 yet!).

    I am NEVER going to live this one down.


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