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The 1st Ever FitAndBusyDad Transformation Challenge – Are you “DAD” enough?

OK, I know I’m a day late with this last announcement, but I had some loose “legal” ends that I needed to tie up just to make sure that I can do what I’m about to do.

So here’s BIG Birthday Announcement #3…

I am launching the 1st EVER FitAndBusyDad Transformation Challenge!

***Notice how I didn’t say “Contest”, I said “Challenge”. A contest is something that you do to compete against other people. A CHALLENGE is something you do to compete against YOURSELF.***

There are 2 things that you need to do to enter and to make it as a finalist in the F&BD Challenge:

1. Submit BEFORE and AFTER photos (taken on Day 1 and Day 84, respectively) showing the dramatic changes you made to your physique.


2. Write a 300-500 word essay on the steps you took to BECOME A BETTER DAD throughout your 84-days of transformation.

(*FULL Contest Rules and Details will be posted on Monday, Feb 2, 2009)

That’s right, guys.


I still believe that a lot of us (“us” being Busy Dads) still get a lot of flack for being “secondary” caregivers.

People’s first instinct when they see us with our kids at the park or at a ballgame or at the mall is “Oh, that’s cute. They must be babysitting.” That initial reaction is changing now that more and more of us are taking an active involvement in our kids’ lives, but it still happens.

(BTW, if you’re watching YOUR kids, it’s not “babysitting”! It’s called PARENTING.)

And that’s why the essay portion of this contest counts for so much.

How, in your busy life, are going to improve being the type of father that your kids will want to be proud of for the rest of their lives?

Sure, it’s relatively easy to ignore our families, focus totally on ourselves, eat boiled chicken breasts & steamed broccoli everyday and spend countless hours in the gym trying to get our bodies better for an 84-day challenge…but who really wins in the end? If we take this approach, what do we sacrifice and at what cost? Are we really being a better dad?

This challenge is meant for you to go beyond fitness and really dissect your lifestyle. To go deep and make yourself ask HARD questions like…

Am I being a shining example of health to my family?

What kind of impact am I putting on their lives?

Thirty years from now, what will my kids remember about me the most?

Or, even more importantly…

Given my current lifestyle, am I even going to be around 30 years from now to see my grandchildren?

This isn’t just a body transformation challenge…it’s a LIFE TRANSFORMATION.

And if your family and your health isn’t incentive enough, here is the prize line-up:

Grand Prize – $750 Cash, 1-year telephone coaching & personalized program consultation with me & LIFETIME products from FitAndBusyDad.

Runner-Up – $500 Cash, 6-months telephone coaching & personalized program consultation

3rd place – $250 Cash, 6-months telephone coaching & personalized program consultation

Prizes will also be given to the contestant who best BLOGs about his experience(s) throughout the contest AND to the contestant who best VIDEO BLOGs his experience(s).

So, are you up for the challenge?

Are you ready to step-up and be a better man, a better parent, a better DAD?

I think you’ll be just fine AND you’ll have my support 100%.

So don’t wait, make the decision to change and get going!

=>Get Your FitAndBusyDad Workouts NOW

Your Coach,
Chris Lopez
The FitAndBusyDad

P.S. You have until Friday (tomorrow) at midnight to get your NEW FBD workouts at the promotional price of $39. Click HERE to get started FitAndBusyDad Workouts!

P.P.S. Today is the last day to enter to WIN the flip video camera. All you have to do is leave a comment. Click HERE for your chance to win.


No tricks or shady marketing crap… just my promise to send you articles like the one above a few times per month.

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4 thoughts on “The 1st Ever FitAndBusyDad Transformation Challenge – Are you “DAD” enough?”

  1. I love this! Do you have a problem with someone doing this challenge at the same time as the Turbulence Training contest? For cash-strapped dads who already bought the TT program, can we enter your challenge without buying the program (at least for now)? I love this idea and as a new dad it’s something I really want/need to do!

  2. Fireballs,
    Congrats on the new addition. I have no problem w/you doing the TT contest in addition to the FBD challenge. My only stipulation in the rules is that you use a FBD program for at least 1/3 of the contest (4-weeks). If you’ve got TT, then you have access to my advanced program already. In addition to that, if you signed up to receive my newsletters, then you also got to download the DB/BW Blasters workout.

    I hope that’s fair. Please let me know if you have any questions.


  3. Very fair! In fact your challenge will extend past the TT contest by 4 weeks so that’s perfect. I have read your workout, and tried a couple of them that kicked my butt (the barbell hybrid lift and the burpee-pushup-jump-pullup combo). Thanks, I’m looking forward to this.


  4. Is there a way to do an affiliate link to the contest page (, rather than the main page?


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