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The “Do-Anywhere” Workout

I can’t take a kettlebell with me everywhere, especially when I travel. And it sucks.

I can’t take a chin-up bar either.

I tried taking an ab wheel one time when I went to NYC last year and they confiscated it because it looked too much like a weapon. (I took it apart so the handle was actually an 8-inch metal bar).

So when I travel and don’t have any equipment I rely heavily on bodyweight workouts.

The only problem with bodyweight workouts is that there are only so many push-up and squat variations that you can do. So, even though I consider myself to be very well versed in the “science” of bodyweight training, when things go stale, I turn to my friend Adam Steer for advice. After all, together with his partner Ryan, these guys are known as “The Bodyweight Coaches”.

But like I said, this isn’t a “do 100 push-ups and then do 100 squats” type of workout. They use a system called Circular Strength Training (CST) that incorporates several bodyweight exercises together in a “flow” pattern where you go from one exercise to the other, with no rest, in a logical and progressive “flow”.

It’s one of those things that my words can’t do justice to. You’re better off watching it in action….

Right now, Adam and Ryan are giving away a bunch of their stuff for free (a full bodyweight/equipmentless program called “The 12-Minute Stage Crazy Workout” AND a series of follow-along videos).

You can go HERE to pick them up or click on the link below…

=>The 12-Minute Stage Crazy Workout and Videos

I’m doing these CST workouts now (for the next few weeks) and then finishing my workouts by doing KB Swings or Snatches (just because I like to be different).

Make sure to pick-up the complimentary workout and videos soon because I don’t know how long they’ll leave them up.

=>The 12-Minute Stage Crazy Workout and Videos



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1 thought on “The “Do-Anywhere” Workout”

  1. Chris,

    I did Adam and Ryan’s Bodyweight Blueprint last year. What an awesome program. I saw it through all the way to the end and the biggest improvement I noticed was joint mobility. Some of the Prasara Yoga was foreign to me at first but glad I did it.

    Great recommendation,

    -George D


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