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The Easiest Healthy Breakfast You’ll Ever Make (and a GIVEAWAY below!)

A gift from above?
A gift from above?

Given that I’m pretty busy on most days, one of the things I don’t really like is wasting my time in the morning.? I’ve got a very set routine now that includes…

1. Making a cup of my favorite Organic Jasmine Green Tea.

2. Reviewing a series of Daily Affirmations.

3. Reviewing my BAHGs (Big Audacious Hairy Goals).

4. Reviewing my Tasks & Calendar for the day.

5. Writing either an Article, Newsletter of Blog Post.

That said, even though I always enjoy my bacon & eggs, I usually have to opt for a quicker alternative.

Enter The FitAndBusyDad NEW Breakfast of Champions.

This isn’t your average “Wheaties & Skim Milk” type of breakfast.? It is amazingly nutrient dense.? It contains 2 “Super Foods”.? It’s got a ton of healthy fats.? And it tastes great WITHOUT the use of added sugars or sweeteners.

Check it out and let me know what you think…

the FitAndBusyDad

KB Crusher

P.S. I’ll give away my KB Crusher Bonus Program to anyone who can tell me

what the 2 Super Foods are in my breakfast! Just leave your answer in the comment section



No tricks or shady marketing crap… just my promise to send you articles like the one above a few times per month.

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33 thoughts on “The Easiest Healthy Breakfast You’ll Ever Make (and a GIVEAWAY below!)”

  1. Hmm… Doesn’t look like the first comment saved. There are actually 3 super foods. Green tea, millet and spelt.

  2. Chris,

    Nice breakfast. The term “superfood” is quite nebulous. By my standards, I would say the blueberries and raspberries are probably the most nutrient dense, plus they are fresh live foods which have a plethora of added bonuses. Banana, pecans,coconut milk and cocoa nibs are also loaded with good stuff.

    As for milk/kefir, try raw organic milk from pasture fed cows. This is a true living super food and usually tolerated by those who are lactose intolerant. Kefir is also great, I recommend making it yourself with raw milk. It is, however, a bit tart and would really change the taste of your breakfast. Adding a bit of raw honey or dried fruit does it for me.

    • Hi Nhan

      thanks for the suggestions. The kefir I use is Organic, but I’m not sure if the cows it’s from are pasture or grain-fed.

      Good suggestions on making it myself, but unfortunately, raw milk is illegal in my neck of the woods. (Although I’m trying to find a farmer who can provide me with some).


  3. Your “organic Jasmine Green Tea” is definitely #1. Personally, all ingredients listed in the cereal are great but if you have to pick 2nd superfood, I would say it would be the sprouted whole lentils or sprouted whole soybeans.

    • thanks, Dora. According to my research, here is a list of all the “SUPERFOODS” in my breakfast yesterday…

      -green tea
      -cocoa nibs

      So, everyone seems to be right!

  4. Since you are asking for 2 super foods, I will go with the blueberries and pecans. You also have a ‘super drink’ which is the green tea!

    I’m eating my lunch (Tilapia, green peppers, onions and broccoli) but that breakfast just looks really good. I’m going to have to have some berries and walnuts as a snack later to satisfy my craving!

    Chris, have you tried Soy Milk? I’m trying to get away from pasterized milk and was thinking about Soy, but a lot of people have recommended the coconut milk too.



    • Hi Mike

      Great lunch!

      I’m not a big fan of soy…at least not the soy that we get here in North America. It’s a lot different than the actual pure, fermented soy that they have in Asia. That said, I avoid soy milk like the plague.

      I like coconut milk a lot because it tastes delicious and is full of MCTs. For some people, the fat content may be a lot, but I’m relatively lean and have trouble putting weight on sometimes so for me, coconut milk is just fine. In fact, I find that when I’m trying to lean down, I just up my fat consumption and drop my grains (and complex carbs) and get pretty lean pretty fast. (But that’s just me using myself as a lab rat for over the past 15-17 years).


  5. If I were to weigh in, and I am, I would say it’s the green tea and the sprouted grains. Green tea being full of antioxidants and other such goodness, and the sprouted grains have numerous studies backing up the nutrients in them, more than I want to go into here. Both are fabulous “superfoods”.

    btw- Chris, cool to see you drinking kefir in your other posts. Been thinking about trying it for some time now.

    • Thanks for your response Aaron. You should have received the KB program in your inbox by now.

      Kefir is tasting pretty good. The big seller for me was how good it is for gut health because of all the healthy bacteria. I’ll be splitting my cereal time between Kefir and Coconut Milk I think.


  6. If I were to say, I think it would be the green tea, and the sprouted grains found in the cereal. There are numerous studies to back up both foods as being really good for you.


    ps- cool to see in your other posts that you are drinking kefir. Been thinking about getting some for a while now.

  7. Most definitely the blueberries; saying the cocoa nibs is the second, but would like to go with cinnamon from the Ezekiel cereal. Pecans are also considered a “superfood,” so this is a matter of opinion.

  8. 1st post did not save- Most likely blueberries, but pecans and cocoa are also considered “superfoods.” I would even go so far as guessing the cinnamon in the Ezekiel cereal. The term is a matter of opinion.

  9. The blue berries are surely a super food and also the green tea you had. There are other great items in your breakfast too! Sure looks good and I am gong to try it. Thanks

  10. Hey Chris,
    thanks for the info. Blueberries just make it onto the list but by far the best are the raw cocoa nibs with about 20x the nutrients of any berry. Glad to see that you are inspiring and educating people as some of the suggestions are a little out there!

  11. Hey Chris,
    Well if I had to say I would guess the blueberries, jasmine green tea, bananas, and all of the sprouted grains. I hope to try this it sounds awesome and I eat like a horse in the morning. Thanks Chris.

  12. Hi Chris

    There are a number of ‘superfoods’ in your breakfast. You’ve got the berries, pecans, millet and cocoa nibs and it’s rounded off nicely with the Green Tea. Jasmine Green Tea is definitely my tea of choice. I live in the UK and have difficulty sourcing the Ezekiel cereal you mention in your blog. If anyone has any suggestions of where I might be able to source it or a suitable alternative it would be much appreciated. I hope to give your breakfast a try as it looks amazing.

  13. I’m not much for breakfast,but my quess would be the blueberries and the
    pecans.then it really does’t really matterswhats in it as long as you eat
    breakfast thats a super food in it self.


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