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The Experiment is Over….

…And I failed miserably. Not really. My Blackberry Experiment is now done, because, thanks to my friend Craig Ballantyne, I now know how to blog from my Blackberry (which I’m doing right now).

Truth be told, it’s just easier having it. I’ve learned how to better manage my time, so I now only check it at scheduled times 2-3 times per day. I turned the E-mail notification and ringer off. I gave my wife and the kid’s school their own unique rings. And now I leave the berry in the gym bag where it belongs. Voila! I just created an extra (and much needed) hour in my day.

So with my extra hour today, I got this workout in…

1a) 100 Tricep Push-Ups (it took me 3 sets)
1b) 3 x 25 KB Rows

2a) 400m runs x 4
2b) 25 KB Swings x 4

3a) Plank x 2min
3b) Side Plank x 45s/side

So it’s off to the Dominican Republic in a couple of days with the family (all 6 of us!) for a destination wedding and long overdue vacation. I hope to have my first video blog up next week so stay tuned for that.

Still Busy,


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