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Waking-Up to Last Night’s Dinner

This is a story I just couldn’t pass up telling you about.

Fast asleep Sunday night after an eventful weekend (I took AJ, Joey and a couple of our cousins to York University to watch the Bronze and Gold medal women’s volleyball matches), I am thankful that the bout of sickness and colds that had run rampant through our family is now over.

Everyone is well. Everyone is healthy. This will be a good week.

Deep into my sleep and now into the wee hours of Monday morning, I get a nudge from my wife who says that she’s dreamt of paint splattering.

“That’s great”, I say. “Thanks for waking me up for that”. WTF?

Moments later, the pitter-patter of little feet come to our door. I see a faint silhouhette and then hear a voice…

“I just threw-up”.

It’s Joey, my 5-year-old.

I struggle out of bed to examine the damage. Not that bad. Her shirt isn’t wet, there’s a little in her hair, but that’s about it.

“Did you throw-up a lot?”

“Maybe you should come into the room”, Joey says in the most innocent of voices.

So I walk in and the stench is overwhelming. Then I glance over at Frankie who’s still fast asleep and I see her COVERED in Joey’s puke (I’m really sorry for that mental picture).

Right now, Joey & Frankie have developed such a good relationship that they enjoy sleeping the same bed together leaving the top bunk open…maybe not so much anymore.

I wake Frankie up and then she says to me, “What smells?” Then she runs her fingers through her hair and shouts “EEEEEEWWWWWWW!” and starts crying.


I put the 2 of them in the bath (again, it’s about 4:15am) and proceed to bathe them until I can’t smell anything. Then I put Frankie to sleep with Rozanne and set “Pukey” up on the couch downstairs (complete with plastic bag). I strip the bed and start the laundry while Joey lays on the couch about to fall asleep again.

The next time I look at the clock, it’s 5am. TIME TO GET UP!

Can anyone out there top that night? Please comment if you can so that I’ll feel better!

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2 thoughts on “Waking-Up to Last Night’s Dinner”

  1. Whew! I can’t top that one Chris, but I’ve been there with my boys when they were younger…sounds like you racked up a few more ‘Dad points’ bu letting your wife sleep and dealing with the mess yourself.

    Only thing that might compare: There as a time when Will, my youngest, was about 5 or 6 years old and would come walking into our bedroom at 4:00am-ish EVERY morning, walk over to my side of the bed and shake me until I woke up and say “I can’t sleep, Daddy.”

    I’d walk him back into his room, climb up on the bed with him for about 10 minutes (unless I fell asleep on his bed) and help him go back to sleep. Then I’d go back to bed and try and go back to sleep.

    He did this for about a FULL year, no joke. Thought I would go nuts and that it would never end. Now he and Sam sleep like rocks.

    Amen, brother!

    Your post brought back some ‘good’ memories…thanks!

  2. Hey Fred

    OK, so I don’t feel so bad now. My incident, thankfully, was a one-time occurrence. But having to go through what you went through for A FULL YEAR!?! I think you may have more patience that anyone I know!



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